Chris Voss is a veteran FBI hostage negotiator who has spent his whole career negotiating deals where "splitting the difference" wasn't an option.  So he became a master at getting exactly what HE wants out of the deal while having the other party leave the negotiation satisfied.  If you can apply these negotiation strategies and tips to your real estate deals, you will see your bottom line skyrocket. Be the shark or get eaten by sharks. Your choice.

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21 responses to “Chris Voss Teaches Negotiation for Real Estate”

  1. Dan says:

    I like to never forget that it is not what people say but what they do. What they say almost never is really what they want.

    So after you ask why would you want to do business with me I then would say that I have found in my other deals very similar to you with folks very similar you you that theses are the main reasons people want me in their deal. Then tie that to emotion stemmed from why they need the number? What is the money going to do for them? …….

    Could go on for days on this subject….

    Still watching…. Will watch two more times.

    Great content D… thank You.

  2. George Lekas says:


    Mind-blowing stuff, man! Seems like it should be common sense! Anyway, I just ordered his book. Thanks for all you do!

  3. Theodore White says:

    Really good for getting your option terms when it comes to a seller who stuck on their asking price. I am working on a deal now with a seller who rejected a sellers finance option of 540K, and 515K that would have given his asking price plus more than asking price. But the sellers broker said, he just wants the all cash offer option 490K. The deal is still good for me given seller cash, but I would preferred seller finance, because the terms are better for both, seller and my investors and myself as the new owner. Thank You for negotiation insights.

  4. Greldo Taveras says:

    excellent work Daniil, thanks for bringing Chris on

  5. Pete says:

    Just bought Chris’s book and the audio along with it.

  6. Josh Heckle says:

    WOWWW……MIND BLOWN! Daniil not only do you always pick great interview candidates but you ask the perfect questions to make sure these interview videos are chocked full of life-changing, useful knowledge…..and all in under an hour! This really IS NINJA! Thanks buddy!!

  7. Joe says:

    Very interesting information, although I’ve used some and did not know that its a science. I liked the presentation well done.

    • Daniil Kleyman says:

      Negotiation is definitely a science, Joe! It’s a field of study where entire academic departments are devoted to just that! Glad you enjoyed the interview. We’re cooking up a lot of similar content over next few months

  8. Greg says:

    Daniil, thanks for sharing! Awesome information, plan on ordering book when I leave this page.

    • Daniil Kleyman says:

      Glad you made it here, Greg. I think I’ve re-read the book at least 4 times by now. The key is to start implementing this little by little into all your negotiations. This stuff becomes really powerful when it’s second nature

  9. Alphonso says:

    This is AWESOME content!!!! Danill never disappoints. I ordered the book today. Thanks Danill.

  10. Joe Capra says:

    Thanks Daniil great stuff. already signed up for the newsletter

  11. Eleanor Wynter says:

    Thanks Daniil, very informative. I am going to get the book and sign up for the news letter. Keep up the good work of sharing, and educating us. Thanks again.

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