Multifamily Investing Academy with Daniil Kleyman & Charles Dobens

On this podcast, multifamily attorney and mentor Charles Dobens explores Daniil Kleyman's journey from investor to developer. Specializing in ground-up multifamily development, Daniil shares tips from his years of success in the real estate investment world. Check it out!


Daniil doesn't usually cover some of the topics you'll hear about:

– Why he and his family left Russia and the process they had to go through to immigrate here

– Why immigrants from socialist of communist countries tend to lean politically right

– Why he would rather do smaller projects that he owns 100% of than syndicate larger deals

– The major problems with the syndication business model especially in this market

– The myth behind needing a big portfolio or lots of units to be successful

You'll also hear about:

– How he sources land for his development projects (He's creating inventory from scratch!)

– Why real money is made NOT through “by right” development

– Why “upzoning” is more realistic in urban “in-fill” neighborhoods than suburbia