Deal Analysis

Calculate Offers and Analyze Deals Quickly

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Save Time & Never Overpay Again

Our Max Offer Real Estate Investing Calculator will quickly figure out what to pay for any deal. Easy to use analytics allow you quick, yet in-depth real estate deal analysis for houses that need rehab or for rental properties.

Quickly crunch offers and know what your profit will be before you ever pull the trigger!

Even better, you can access this tool from within your Rehab Valuator software without the need to create a new deal.

Analyze Every Exit Strategy

Analysis is Available in Free Version!


Save time, weed out bad deals instantly, and price deals correctly for your buyers!

Rehab & Flip

Calculate your numbers and know what you'll profit on a flip – instantly!

Rehab & Hold

Calculate your numbers and know if your deal will make a good rental – instantly!


Buy-Rehab-Rent-Refinance-Repeat builds a profitable, scalable portfolio. (Residential and Multi-Fam)

Ground Up development

Pro-level deal analysis for residential and commercial ground-up development projects.

It Starts with Data!

Instant Deal Data for every property*

  • Owner & Mailing Address
  • Tax Assessment Information
  • Mortgage Information
  • Last Sale Information
  • Property details

*Available in Premium

Then, you need Valid, Recent Comparable Sales

You make your money in real estate when you buy, not sell which means you have to buy right!
With Rehab Valuator Premium, you have instant nationwide comparable sales in one of the most dynamic and user friendly filtering interfaces in the industry.
Quickly and easily zero in on the most relevant comparable sales plus, you get the instant After Repair Value Calculator!

*Available in Premium

QUICK but Accurate Deal Analysis

Gives You INSTANT Decision-Making Insights!

Know Your Best Financing Options From The Beginning

Determine the outcome of using different financing and payment options before you even begin using our real estate analysis tools.


  • Cash
  • Bank Loan
  • Private Lender
  • Hard Money

Go From Lead To Offer!

Save Time

Calculate your offers immediately to see if it’s even worth making a deal.

Avoid Overpaying

Know your numbers from the very beginning to never overpay for a deal again.

Make Wise Money Decisions

Know your best payment options for each and every deal.