Multi-Family Development with Daniil Kleyman & Carrot

In this interview with Brady Winder of Carrot, Daniil discusses Multi-Family Development and the factors which have helped him continue to build on his success.

Here are some of the topics you'll hear Daniil speak about:

– How mixed-use developments create walkable neighborhoods

– Building rentals that can support the cost of construction in today's market

– How to build a scalable, sustainable rental portfolio

– Attracting quality tenants – Daniil hasn't had to evict anyone in over ten years!

– Why location is a deciding factor when choosing between developing mixed-use or multi-family

– Two of the most helpful things he did with relationships/networking and financing when taking on larger projects

– How starting slowly in this business helped build his credibility with lenders

– The importance of having an operating business

– Maintaining relationships with quality subcontractors

– …and more!