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Software Issues

If you have any issues with your existing Rehab Valuator software account, you can check Frequently Asked Questions below or contact our support for help.

Questions about Rehab Valuator?

Questions? Check out Frequently Asked Questions below. Check out our Real Estate Investing Software Features here.


Ordering Problems

If you’re having problems signing up for Rehab Valuator Premium, you can contact our support team here by email or phone!

What does this software do exactly?

Rehab Valuator:

  • Helps you calculate Max Offer you can make on any deal so you never overpay!
  • Helps you evaluate any property in need of rehab for different exit strategies and profit potential, along with various financing methods and their costs
  • Helps you create Marketing Materials (Flyers and Presentations) for your wholesale deals. This allows you to sell your deals quicker and for more $. You can either print out these materials, email them to your buyers' list or post them on social media to get your deals sold quicker and for more $!
  • Helps you quickly create PERSUASIVE Deal Funding Pitches and Presentations for your rehab projects to raise private money or pitch banks and hard money lenders! You can quickly email or print/hand these presentations to lenders and get your deals funded! The presentations create HUGE credibility for you, even if you are brand new to this business and show your potential lenders “what's in it for them” so that they fund your deal quicker!
  • Helps you put together detailed Rehab Budgets and Scopes of Work for your real estate projects and to manage your rehab and new construction projects.
  • Helps you find Comparable Sales
  • The new “Find Deals” platform allows you to search for off-market real estate deals posted by other Rehab Valuator members!
  • And much much more!

What comes with the FREE Software?

The free software gives you full ability to analyze deals, though the marketing component of the software is locked out. You will also get detailed video tutorials, real life case studies of deals, and very responsive, ongoing support (nobody else provides support like this for FREE software).

Are there any strings attached with the free software?

No. The free Rehab Valuator Lite software access is yours no strings attached. We do have an awesome, snazzy Premium version of our software, but you are never under any obligation to upgrade. Whether you do that or not is entirely up to you!

I have a Mac or a tablet or a phone. Will this work?

Yes, absolutely! As long as your device is hooked up to some sort of Internet (not necessarily wifi), you'll be able to connect to our software on the go, no matter whether you're in the office or in the field!

Do you mail me any discs when I purchase?

No, our software is completely web-based, which means you only access it online with the username and password we email you.

I signed up for the software but lost my password.

No problem! Go here and request a new password to be email to you. Make sure you're using the email address with which you joined!

Will your software help me with raising money for my deals?

Yes. Rehab Valuator Premium allows you to create Deal Funding Proposals and Presentations for private money, hard money and even banks. These proposals take minutes to create and can literally mean the difference between you being shown the door and getting the funding you need!

What is your refund policy?

Our refund policy is strictly 30 days after your initial purchase. Not 31 or 35 days. That means you have ZERO Risk when you purchase our software as you have 30 days to use it but that also means you must notify us before your 30 days are up if you are not happy for whatever reason.

For Monthly subscribers this means you can request a refund on your initial $29 purchase within 30 days. After 30 days you may cancel your monthly membership and prevent future monthly charges.

For Annual subscribers this means you can request a refund of your initial $197 purchase within 30 days. After 30 days you may cancel your membership to prevent future annual billing.

But keep in mind this: our software has a very small refund rate. Great majority of our clients are extremely happy both with the product and results it delivers, and our exceptional customer service. So don't hesitate and become a client if you're not one already!

I love this software. Can I promote it as an affiliate and earn commissions?

Yes, absolutely! You can sign up as an affiliate here. Then start spreading the word about this awesome software by referring people to the free version. When someone upgrades to Rehab Valuator Premium, we will pay you 50% commission on a recurring basis!

Can Rehab Valuator be used for turnkey rentals?

Who is this software for?

Rehab Valuator is for:

  • Wholesalers (investors who put deals under contract, then flip or “assign” those contracts to other investors. If you're brand new, one of the things that you get FREE with our software is training on how to make money wholesaling real estate. And Rehab Valuator will help you calculate offers and then create amazing marketing flyers for your buyers, in order to sell your deals quickly and build your buyers' list.
  • Rehabbers. Whether you rehab and flip houses or rehab and then rent them out for cashflow, this software will help you calculate offers, project profits, analyze exit strategies, create deal-funding pitches to get your deals funded, and manage your rehab projects. And you will get ongoing content about this business from people that do deals on a regular basis!
  • Agents. If you deal with investors, it's important you understand their language and the way they evaluate deals for potential profit. With our software, you can do that AND generate marketing flyers and presentations to send to your buyers, in order to sell your deals quicker and for more money!
  • Experienced and Brand New Investors Alike! We don't just provide software. We provide education and content that can take you from a complete newbie to a solid deal maker and from a solid deal maker to an established real estate mogul!

How long can I use the free software for?

You can use the free software for as long as you would like. AND we will continue offering you great, responsive support as well as ongoing education!

What devices does this software work on?

This is a cloud-based platform and will work virtually on any device that has an internet connection: PCs, Macs, tablets, phones, etc. Some minimum system requirements apply but if you have a modern device, this software will work great on it!

What do I get for upgrading to Premium?

Rehab Valuator Premium unlocks all the powerful marketing and “deep analysis” capabilities of the software, project management capabilities of the software, AND some powerful bonuses. Check out the detailed comparison of Lite vs. Premium here (works best on bigger screens)

How do I access tutorials for Rehab Valuator?

You can access the Rehab Valuator Tutorials and the Knowledgebase here

Will your software allow me to market my wholesale deals?

Absolutely! The marketing flyers and presentations that Rehab Valuator Premium creates with a few clicks of a mouse will help you sell your deals faster, and for more money. You can print these presentations out and take them to meetings, email them, or post them to social media! It all ads up to more credibility for you, more deal flow and quicker sales!

Can agents use this?

Absolutely! Our powerful marketing tools will allow agents to create one of a kind marketing flyers for their deals that speak your buyers' language. What differentiates these marketing materials from traditional packets you usually see is that they provide the buyers with the numbers they need to see to make a decision. This is very very powerful when it comes to selling investment property deals. Give it a try!

Will there be future releases and updates of this program?

Absolutely! We plan on continually updating, refining and improving this software! We currently already have multiple releases planned with some amazing new features.

For our existing clients of the cloud-based platform, your rates are locked in and there will not be upgrade charges!

Can I use this software for land and new construction projects?

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