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For your next Fix and Flip, you need to be able to perform a full feasibility analysis and mange your project, start to finish. This begins with gathering vital property characteristics and accurately determining After Repair Value using nationwide comparable sales. With Rehab Valuator, this information is instantly available with the click of a button. Simply enter an address anywhere in the US and not only see who owns it and their mailing address but, last sale info, assessment info, mortgage info, and all of the details about the property itself!
rehab valuator owner mortgage and property data
• Use Rehab Valuator Premium to pull up a list of the 25 most relevant comparable sales

Your Rehab Valuator Premium software will automatically compute an accurate After Repair Value for you instantly so you don't have to do this yourself and can jump right into Estimating Costs!

Whether your fix and flip is a large or small project, Rehab Valuator saves you time when estimating costs and creating budgets. Using our built-in cost templates, you can create dynamic budgets and scopes of work quickly!

scope of work created using Rehab Valuator software

You'll Never Have to

Budget from Scratch

When You Get Started Faster Using Pre-Built Cost Templates!

Quickly budget your real estate projects using Rehab Valuator's built-in cost templates

Once your budget is complete, visually map out your entire Project Schedule using an intuitive drag and drop design anyone can operate!

Project Scheduler using Rehab Valuator

Inside Your Project

Management Suite

Transactions seamlessly link to your Track Screen so you always know whether you're on budget, under budget, or over budget!

keep track of transactions with Rehab Valuator software
Track payment progress and whether you're on, under, or over budget with Rehab Valuator software

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