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    Deal Sourcing Training

    [These real estate marketing methods can MAKE YOU MASSIVE PROFITS if you put them to work.  Take lots of notes and go IMPLEMENT!

    We have these mastermind calls every 2 weeks for Bank Elimination Blueprint members, each time on a different topic!

    Check out this webinar if you want to learn more about our community AND about buying real estate with NO banks and NO cash of your own.

    Comments (8 comments so far)

    1. Lots of great content. My partner and I are working with some one else right now. Some one, like you, whose work we respect. I always like to keep options open and would consider working with you in the future.
      Cheryl F.

    2. Jeanette

      Thank you for this! I will learn patience and be consistent.

    3. charlie williams

      great information. learn more on this video than I have learn from classes and manuals

    4. Great content! You have a good balance of old and new, free and paid and manage to clarify topics and simplify action items. Thanks!!!

    5. All I can say is awesome, 2017 has been tough with so much competition now! Thank for providing this amazing straight forward, hard hitting, and direct information.

    6. Hi Daniil,
      I checked the members area and I don’t see the copy of the Bird Dog agreement. Is that something you could email to me.

      Thank you.

      • JacobC

        Hi Darryl,

        All of the contracts that we offer are in the bonuses section for Premium members. You get to those by logging into Rehab Valuator, click in Member Resources in the menu, then Premium Bonuses. We have an offer contract and a wholesaling assignment of contract among other things. We ALWAYS recommend having an attorney look over those contracts and making changes as needed to make sure you’re complying with local and federal laws. If you have other questions email me at support@rehabvaluator.com


    7. I think I am a member of Blueprint. Will check on the funding part.
      Have not done much Real Estate due to caring for Ill husband for last 3 years.
      This is better then going back to Real Estate.
      Thanks .