8. Sharing and Posting Deals and Presentations -

Learn how to market real estate deals using Rehab Valuator’s property flipping software. in this tutorial, we show you how to share real estate presentations with whom you have a pre-existing relationship.

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  1. Lisa Sandoval

    I just want you to know that This is the very best sofewesr on the internet . And you really want to became a a real estate investor can you chosen the right software because rockstars you rock they make it so easy for us to understand and put to use I haven’t yet close any deals nor am I even close but I know what this software I will be closing deals real soon that will be my next sharing Experience Will be of very good news so wish me luck talk to later sincerely Lisa Sandoval

  2. jacob

    I am living in Africa BURUNDI/BUJUMBURA it seem this tool is very usefull but it doesn’t much my need. Please Lisa help me how can I gain these useful opportunities.

  3. Brenda Leisa

    Daniil, I absolutely love your tutorials and I am so glad that you had the good enough heart to present your Premium to me at a price I could afford and act on immediately. You have bolstered my confidence immensely. Thank you, thank you, thank you for that. I

    • Daniil

      Glad to have you aboard, Brenda and you’re welcome! 🙂

  4. Ivan

    This is exactly what I needed to move to the next level. Great presentation for getting financing and scope of work. I’m still figuring out how to do the sow but I’m learning it. This is great. Thanks

    • JacobC

      Hi Ivan,

      Glad you’re liking it! If you get stuck or have questions let us know. Also, for the SOW, make sure and check out the Rehab Budget tutorial.

  5. This is a golden opportunity for anyone looking for how tow have a breakthrough in his business need to grab.

    Thank you Daiil.

    • Daniil Kleyman

      We agree! 🙂