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  • 8. Comparable Sales -

    Watch this tutorial to learn how to access comparable sales reports using Rehab Valuator’s property flipping software.

    Can’t Find Comparable Sales for Your Area? Your state may be a “non-disclosure” state.  Learn more here


    Comments (17 comments so far)

    1. sam

      Very usefull feature even though it presents some limitations it still saves time which means that it can help you make money. Looking forward to additional updates to this feature.

      Great DK. & Co.

    2. Elmer Dowling

      This is one of the things that I have had trouble finding. Thank you for showing me an easy way to get the information I need when I need it.

    3. Excellent and thorough. Enough motivation for me to upgrade to premium. You have done a magnificent job and I am glad to be on board. Thank you

      • Daniil

        Thanks, Mary! Good to hear from you!

    4. Donna

      One of the best investments one can make is in their own continuing education. This provides a great source of education in Real Estate and has helped to begin our changes from the health care field to RE. We are very glad we purchased this program.

      Donna and Wayne O.
      Ashe Co. NC

      • JacobC

        Hi Donna and Wayne,

        We really try to give our customers not only great software tools but the education to go along with it. If you ever have any questions or need any assistance with the program or anything else don’t hesitate to let us know.


    5. Daniil: I know you said you are always upgrading the features on this software. It would be nice, if you are able to access on the property listed or unlisted that you are interested in and full public data info on that property like # of bedrms, baths, sq. footage, registered owner, phone no.,tax info, property tax paid, etc…..

    6. Jack Anderson

      I watched this module out of sequence and will return to it later, as well. It’s good to know that Pa. is not a nondisclosure state.

    7. I keep finding more and more goodies in this software.

    8. Sandy

      I had asked if comps were available with your software but Texas is a non-disclosure state

      • StefanieK

        That is correct Sandy. It is much harder to get comparables in non-disclousure states like Texas.

    9. Raymond Meloni

      The ARV is your most important number right after your as is buy price am I not correct…you must determine what it will be worth after you decide what it will be in the end …like 3 story instead if 2 story as it was …and 2 units instead of 1 unit 2 story 2 beds….It will be 3 story 2 units 2beds x2baths
      Once you figure your ARV out the you can figure out if your deal is a deal with the repairs you need to put into it …to be a profitable deal to pursue and make an offer based on your analysis. This tool is awesome for just that comparable feature…
      It not safe any other way I think.

      • Dylan Hampson

        Hi Raymond!

        Your ARV is a very important number to calculate and figure out. The tool is great for adding comparable sales info to your report! I do recommend doing your research and taking everything about the subject property into account.

        Please let us know if you need any assistance.


    10. Mike Kemp

      hello, in the comp section, on the link “find comps in Zillow”, how do I copy and paste the info?

    11. How do I get pictures into comp report?

      • Rafael Diaz

        Hi David, thanks for reaching out to Rehab Valuator Support. You will need to save the picture on your computer. Then you will upload it via the blue camera icon on the image placeholder at the bottom the page. Please check your email as I have also sent screenshot directions to you as well.

        Thank you.