My Motivation

I wanted to share something personal with you today, my real estate investing motivation.

So here goes:

Making money and wanting to get rich is great, but
you need to have a bigger reason behind it than just
accumulating wealth.

For example:

I recently sat down for lunch with one of our software
clients who is an ex-minister.

He is getting into real estate after leading a congregation
for 20 years.

And he is going after it hard.

He’s raising private money, looking at rehabs, making
offers and taking massive action.

Learning everything he can.

Building relationships

And closing deals.

His personal motivation for earning big bucks in real estate
is so that he can afford to go on missions all over the world
and help others.

Having that motivation – something greater as a purpose
than just becoming wealthy – is going to make him that
much more focused and driven to succeed in his efforts.

I’m not saying there’s anything wrong with wanting to get
rich just for the sake of being rich.

Hell, this is America – land of opportunity. If all you
want to do is just make gobbs of money and swim in it,
like Scooge McDuck in those cartoons, then more power to you!

Scrooge McDuck diving into coins
It’s just that having some kind of a bigger purpose behind
wanting to make money will ensure you stay on the path!

My motivation is my parents.

You see, I owe them a lot.

They were both doing quite well in Russia in the late 80’s and
early 90’s, both socially and financially.

But they could tell that it was going to be a pretty bad place
to raise their kids.

A corrupt, dangerous place.

A society where merit and hard work are not nearly enough
to succeed.

So they gave up everything and brought me and my brother
to America.

My dad was pretty high up in the Soviet government at the time.

But when we came to America, he had to resort to take the very lowest
manual labor jobs as he had no language or marketable skills.

My mom was a doctor with a PhD in Russia but none of her
licenses or accreditations were valid in America.

So she had to start from scratch, studying for the board
exams in a language foreign to her, going through residency

She struggled for over 6 years day and night just to become
recognized as a doctor that she already was in Russia.

I can’t even imagine becoming a doctor once.

She had to do it twice!

So my goal (at least the major one) behind building a massive
real estate portfolio is to fund their retirement.

To really appreciate how much they’ve sacrificed, you have
to have been an immigrant yourself.

Then you’d know what it’s like to leave a place behind
you’ve called home your entire life.

To leave your language behind. Your culture.

To enter a world you know little about – a society where
you have very little standing and have to start all over.

I didn’t really appreciate any of this until I got older.

Only then did I realize exactly the magnitude of what I owe them
for bringing me here.

So in 1 year, I will start cutting 5-figure checks every
single month to my parents so that they can finally stop
working and start enjoying their “golden years”.

Yes, 5 figures every month. Out of the cashflow from
my portfolio.

Being able to do that excites the hell out of me and
keeps me motivated day in and day out.

I remind myself of this goal every time I feel like stopping
or slowing down. Every time I feel discouraged and
every time I suffer a setback.

And reminding myself that I am working so hard, in large
part, for the benefit of someone I really care about keeps
me laser-focused day in and day out on my mission.

So what’s your motivation?

What’s your bigger purpose?

What drives you every day?

Come share it with me here by leaving a comment on this page.

I want to hear from you.

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