Here is how to easily pull up REAL, VALID Comparable Sales in Any City and Determine an Accurate After-Repair Value in minutes!

There is absolutely nothing more important than making accurate offers!  If you get this part wrong, then you will either be overpaying for real estate deals or under-bidding, which means someone else will get the deal who can pay more than you.

In order to be able to calculate accurate offers, you need to first calculate an accurate After Repair Value. And for that, you need access to VALID, real comparable sales in real estate. Check out the short demo below because we've solved this problem for you once and for all!

New Feature Added!

Now each comparable sale is hyperlinked so that you can easily click on any one to do further research and get pictures.  Weed out the comps list so that only the most relevant, valid comps remain to compute you average sale $/ft.  Then calculate your ARV from there!



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3 responses to “[NEW] Find Comparable Sales and Compute an Accurate After-Repair-Value!”

  1. Ray says:

    Texas is a non-disclosure state for what a home actually sold for, unless this has recently changed.

    • Daniil Kleyman says:

      Ray – correct. But Zillow has partnerships with agents who upload data into Zillow now. So you will be able to find comps in TX on Zillow. Maybe not everywhere but try your local area for yourself.

  2. Tom says:

    Amazing thanks for this , absolutely amazing product

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