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Finding Off-Market Real Estate Deals: Free Course

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Direct Mail




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  1. Sherri

    Great content!

  2. If you click on my website it appears I know what I’m doing. I am a member of two investment groups: Connected Investor & Clever Investor. Both are good companies and between the two I’ve invested close to $18,000. Sounds ridiculous doesn’t it. If I had spent that much money on marketing I would probably have closed at least one deal by now. With one I paid for a mentor which amounted to a 30 minute phone call every two weeks in which I was told to make a lot of offers and look for deals with a list of where to look in my area (which is San Diego) I tried but finding a discounted property in SD with the competition and the low inventory was near impossible. So I tried to do the best I could, then I ran upon Connected Investor and joined up with them. ( I like their system better) they do have a way to connect with buyers on their site and find them any where in the US, I like that + their training is much easier to follow. Well after all my boring history you have really help me to see that rather tan keep buying systems I should focus on marketing and getting the word out. I have done some of that but I always get discouraged after I spend $300 – $800 and get know response. As you said keep doing it until I get a response and then follow up repeatedly. Do you think direct mail is the best marketing or a little bit of everything? Thank you I really enjoyed your insight on marketing. Blessings,

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