Make Sure You're Getting our Emails! – Whitelisting

Apr 21, 2022 | Software Tutorials | 380 comments

Make sure you’re getting our communications by whitelisting emails from Rehab Valuator!

Find your email provider below to access whitelisting instructions for that provider.

Google Whitelisting

Follow these Google whitelisting instructions to add email addresses to your safe list in Gmail

  • Click the Settings icon in Gmail (It’s the gear in the top right). Then click on settings.

  • Go to Filters.

  • Click Create a new filter.

  • Type the desired email address or Domain under From:
    In this case like the below screenshot shows

  • Click Create filter with this search ››.
  • Make sure “Never send it to Spam is checked.
  • Make sure “Also apply filter to matching conversations” is checked
  • Make sure “Categorize as” is checked

  • Now in the “Choose Category” drop down at the end of Categorize as: choose “Personal”

  • Click Create Filter.

Yahoo Whitelisting

How to add an email address to your Yahoo whitelist in Yahoo! Mail

  • Adding email addresses to your safe list in Yahoo! Mail is very simple. You just need to find a message from the person you want to always hit your inbox, right click the message, and select “Add Sender to Contacts”. Any email that is in your Contacts will never go to your Spam Folder (Unless you have manually marked it as spam).

  • You will then get a dialogue box which will allow you to make any changes to the contact you want. Then click on “Save”

  • Then click on “Done”

  • If you find that our email is already in the spam folder (If you don’t see our messages make sure and check your spam folder) you can right click and select “Not Spam”. This will move it to the inbox. Then right click the message and select “Add Sender to Contacts” like shown in step 1. Whitelisting

How to add an email address to whitelist

  • Making sure emails always go to your inbox in is simple. If the message is in your inbox Right Click on it, select “For this Sender” at the bottom

  • Then select “Move All From…”

  • Then you’re going to check the “Also move future messages” checkbox and in the “Select folder” dropdown select your inbox. Then select the “Move all” button.

  • If you find that our email is already in your junk folder (Make sure and check here if you’re expecting a message from us and don’t’ see it). Just right click it, select “Not Junk”, and then go to your inbox, find the message, and follow the above steps to make sure our messages always hit your inbox.

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