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Tutorial 1 (of 7)  Rehab Budget Overview:

Tutorial 2 (of 7)  Creating Rehab and New Construction Budgets:

Tutorial 3 (of 7)  Project Scheduler:

Tutorial 4 (of 7)  Entering Your Transactions:

Tutorial 5 (of 7)  Using Track View and Reporting:

Tutorial 6 (of 7)  Rehab & Construction Lender Draw Requests:

Tutorial 7 (of 7)  Creating and Using Budget Templates:



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29 responses to “5. Rehab Budget and Project Management Tutorials”

  1. Luxley says:

    Great job. This simplify things.

  2. Thanks.. This was helpful

  3. Michael A Medley says:

    I have always been a premium member until this year, will you ever be discounting the software again. I would live to have the premium package at 97.00 a year. If this comes back, I will sign up the very next minute. LIVE THE SOFTWARE

  4. linda liken says:

    OMG………… I’m creating the same budget template in xcel, and then having to go back in and input actuals. This is phenomenal to have it all in one place and to be able to create a template based on recent actuals. it SO helps to have someone at the helm that has operational experience and knows what your users need. Thank you SO very much, Linda

  5. Tom says:


  6. Carlos Diaz says:

    Thank you, This was a powerful learning tool(s). I was lost, and after, I found what I needed. Many thanks.

  7. Laney Ross says:

    Greetings Daniil.
    This is great education. I have been looking for a platform with great tutorial and a reasonable price for quite a while. The one I am using now is outdated and $90./mo.
    I have to say your price is great and you over devilied.

    Thanks Guy.

  8. Crysta says:

    Very straight forward, thanks!

  9. Pallavi Patel says:

    Wow finally I got around,( very dumb of me shame shame..)after over a year and I find this program so interesting I thought I won’t be able to understand and was waiting for perfect time and I hope no ones out there like me its not only creative but also it would give you a great push to work at what you need to.. really, Daniil thank you for grate program and tools and very thorough step by step teaching. love it. I promise now I am not going to waste my time.

  10. Larry says:

    I was introduced to RV a few days ago and bought the premium version. So far I am really impressed with the functionality, simplicity and presentation potential of this program. Great job Daniil

  11. Mat Eddy says:

    This software is amazing and very affordable, I’m looking forward to leaning and using it.I’m sure it’s going to make my job easier and quicker for my projects
    Thanks Daniil

  12. Charmaine Holden says:

    Daniil. My head is spinning with all I am learning! Thanks for putting this all together.You ROCK ! The software will be of great use once you practice and use it repeatedly,so I am anxious to put it to use in real time deals. Thanks again!

  13. Alfred Miller says:

    I think this is an awesome set of tools. Keep up the good work. I have been gap funding for a year or so but now i have the tools to manage my own projects. Thank you. I think you should consider a contact management module so that you will have that information to work with as well.

    • Daniil Kleyman says:

      Thanks, Alfred! I see you just upgraded to Premium so welcome aboard! Contact management in terms of leads is not in the works for now but we’re already beta-testing some huge upgrades to the Project Management Suite illustrated on this page, so stay tuned!

  14. Love everything so far – got our first deal financed with zero issues (I’ll blame it on your fantastic report system!).

    Do you have any tools for project timelines? Gantt Charts, Draw Schedules, On-Time Project Management Reports…

    • Daniil Kleyman says:

      Hi Cathy! Glad to hear about the first deal getting financed! Our next release will actually have Gantt Charts and Draw Schedules 🙂 It’ll be out sometime this fall!

  15. Kim Stotridge says:

    I am so excited I found this software! Nothing helps with budgets like this. It’s the missing link I’ve been looking for to track and simplify rehabs, funding and marketing them. After seeing your demos everything finally clicked. I’m just starting my first flip and know these tools will be extremely helpful. Thank you for making it user friendly, affordable and so flexible!

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