This tutorial goes over Rehab & Flip or Build & Flip.  You can use this as a wholesaler to analyze and market deals for your cash buyers or to do this for your own projects!

BRRRR Tutorial (Buy, Rehab, Refi, Rent, Repeat) or Build , Rent, Refi (For Developers)

*Be sure to click the rectangular "Full Screen" button in bottom right corner of video!

This is for you if:

    • Buy, Rehab (or no Rehab) and Refinance into per financing (BRRRR)
    • Build, Rent, Refi
    • Do residential rentals or large multi-fam and everything in between

This is for you if you use cash for short-term financing until you refinance or if you use rehab/construction financing, then refi into permanent financing.

Watch this if you do BRRRR.  Watch this if you develop ground up rentals!

This tutorial will show you how to properly perform deal analysis, calculate the most important financial metrics quickly, and create detailed funding proposals for your lenders to fund both: your short-term loans and take-out permanent loans!

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