Full Process for New Apartment Development Analysis laid out:

- Density Study (I walk you through how you can do this yourself)
- Creating Pro-Forma Rent Roll and "Stabilized NOI Projections"
- Where to get rental comps
- Determining As-Built Value of Multi-Fam developments
- Determining Construction Costs
- Figuring out Land Values
- Evaluating Short and Perm Financing correctly
- Vital Metrics you must pay attention to
- How we get tens of millions in cheap bank funding easily

This training goes though a multifamily development example, step by step


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10 responses to “[REDP] Muti-Family Development Training: How to Value Land and Analyze Deals!”

  1. Lee Turner says:

    I would like to do wholesale rentals and keep some for long term rentals. Lather properties with a financial JV partner (50/50). All 50 states. 35 years experience as architectural design engineer, residential & commercial builder & developer, licensed real estate Broker.

  2. Venu says:

    Lot of free and good content. So much to learn. Thank you Daniil!

    Given A)high interest rates and B)high building costs and C)fear of recession (raising cap rates), does BRRR strategy still work? Do you have any recent videos that depicts what strategies are more appropriate under these conditions? Are you still building under these conditions?

    • Catherine says:

      We're happy to hear you're going through the free content we offer! Daniil does still build using the BRRR strategy under the current conditions. He recently finished a project and plans to start another soon using the same strategy!

      Please feel free to reach out to our support team at support@rehabvaluator.com with any questions or software assistance when structuring your BRRRR deal.

  3. Micheal Smith says:

    Do you know where and how to get financing I currently have a rental property now just a 2 Br 1 bath and we can’t even get a refinance loan on that my credit is not so good due to a divorce what can I do in this situation thank you and godbless

  4. Cleve says:

    Excellent presentation for the funding of a new construction multi family project. Could you give me your construction template for 50+ unit construction? I want to build or buy a 100 unit building. Daniil I want to ACHIEVE THIS GOAL THIS YEAR. With your help I believe I will obtain my first commercial property. I have multiple single family houses that I am flipping. Thanks always for your commitment to your subscribers like me.

    • Catherine says:

      We're happy to hear you've found value in the presentation and do wish you great success in achieving your goal this year! I'm sorry to say, Daniil does not share his architectural plans for many reasons; mainly because they are the intellectual property of the architect but also because his plans won't fit your building lot or codes.

  5. Cleve says:

    Also I forgot to ask. Do you have an excel spreadsheet of the napkin analysis you showed us on new commercial construction before using the rehabvaluator?

    • Catherine says:

      Hi Cleve! Unfortunately, we do not have an excel spreadsheet of the napkin analysis to share. The good news is that by using your Rehab Valuator software to perform your deal analysis, you'll be able to quickly evaluate your deals exactly as described without needing a spreadsheet! Feel free to reach out to our support team at support@rehabvaluator.com with any questions or issues 🙂

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