Building new construction rentals comes with it's set of challenges but there are also many advantages to this business model. One of these advantages is the leverage you're able to get when doing new construction vs. buying existing, stabilized assets. This training video goes over 3 Financing Scenarios: 1) Buying Stabilized 2) Building New 3) BRRR (Build, Rent, Refi, Repeat). We also show you where to go to get construction and permanent financing for build-to-rent projects, the metrics your lenders will look for, and more!

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19 responses to “[REDP] Build to Rent Funding: How to Get Up to 100% for New Build Rentals”

  1. oscar navarro says:

    Good evaluation , kind of long but we need to review over and over again

  2. oscar navarro says:

    I have a very similar scenario with a property that I need to build

  3. Thanks for the information

  4. shahbaz ahmed says:

    A really informative video but there is a lot missing. I think my road is not that straight forward. I might need more help than just to have software.

  5. Jose Mellado says:

    great and very useful Software that will help Investors and Bankers have quick and detail information to make decisions.


    • Catherine says:

      That's what we aim for! We have people tell us frequently how they love having quick and detailed reporting to show to their lenders to make getting funded a breeze.

  6. Ken Morris says:

    I am interested

  7. Thomas parr says:

    I want to know more. I have infil opportunity.

  8. John privatara says:

    I have a 12 family building commercial I'm looking for funding

    • Catherine says:

      Hi John! We don't provide funding here but we do offer a really great course that teaches you all about private money financing. You can check that course out at

  9. Paul Brown says:

    I would like to learn more

    • Catherine says:

      Hi Paul! Please feel free to reach out to our support team ( with the real estate education topics you're interested in and they'll be happy to send over additional education links.

  10. Patrick Bain says:

    Looks like a great program

  11. Randy Greene says:

    I am interested in this please contact me

    • Catherine says:

      Hi Randy! We are very excited to hear that you are interested in our software. Please feel free to reach out to our support team ( with any questions you have!

  12. DR Candi O Belle MBA PhD says:

    Is their hope for people who are homeless and looking for an opportunity?

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