How to Find Thousands of Cash Buyers Instantly!

You may be doing all the wrong things when it comes to finding real estate cash buyers.  Putting up time consuming, expensive bandit signs?  Mailing expensive direct mail?  Going to auctions and networking endlessly?  Looking up courthouse records?  You really don't need to do any of that! Just do what I show you in the video and you'll instantly be able to put your wholesale property deals in front of thousands of cash buyers.  It's that easy!  Watch this tutorial to learn how to get your wholesale real estate in front of cash buyers using Rehab Valuator Premium.

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Hey, Daniil Kleyman here in this super, super, super short video, I'm going to show you how to get your wholesale deal or deals in front of literally thousands of cash buyers, real cash buyers instantly. It is so easy. It's much simpler than you think. So finding real cash buyers doesn't have to be hard. You don't need to send out letters or postcards, which is expensive, and that takes time and the response rates are low and it just doesn't make any sense. You don't need to go to endless REIA meetings and meetups. That takes too long. You don't need to put up bandit signs. Bandit signs are expensive and it takes way too long to put them up. They constantly get ripped down by code enforcement or by other wholesalers. You don't need to network. You don't need to go to auctions to meet buyers and do any other heavy lifting that you have been taught to do. Everything you've been taught to do is completely wrong. Do you have a deal that you must sell? Do you want to grow your buyer's list quickly?

Here's what you do. Log into your Rehab Valuator account, pull up your deal and you will need the premium version of the software to do this. I've already entered some numbers about the deal that I have under contract here. It is incredibly simple to do. I have the deal under contract for $115,000. I'm adding another $15,000 assignment fee to it. I've got my rehab budget created here, which I can actually create from the templates that I've got preloaded, but you can also just go to quick lump sum and enter a ballpark renovation figure. This way, I know that the property is going to be worth $350,000 because I have access in the premium version of the software to comparable sales that are automatically pooled for me. I can even map those comps here, and so my analysis is done. What I'm going to do is I'm going to click on View Reports and I'm going to click full presentation for flip and the software is going to order generate for me, a five page presentation that looks like this.

Here's my cover page with my logo. Here's the marketing sheet that tells my buyer exactly immediately what they need to see in order to make a decision about this deal. Is it worth looking at? Is it worth going over to the property? Maybe they want to make you an offer right away. You can build your buyer's list with this by sending this to people that are not currently on your buyer's list. "Hey, here's the after repair value. Here's what you're going to pay. Here are the repairs, here's your cost basis and here's your profit margin." $82,500 or 33%, almost 34% return.

Here are some pictures. You can include the cashflow summary. "Here's my comparable sales report that validates my after repair value and here are some additional pictures.", and I can have multiple pages of pictures here, so the software creates this presentation. Now you can print this and take this to REIA meetings if that's what you want to do. You can email this to your existing buyer's list, but how do you get this in front of thousands of buyers instantly? Let's say you don't have a buyer's list.

Well, you're going to click this button, share on Facebook, and the software creates a unique link to this presentation, creates a unique webpage for this presentation and you're going to go and post this. You're going to hit share in a group and you're going to post this to every local real estate group in your market. Now, if you have a Facebook account, then you should already belong to local real estate groups in your town. There are legitimate cash buyers there. There are rehabbers there. There are landlords there. There are agents there that have a network as well of buyers. So I'm going to select from a group, Richmond. Here are my Richmond real estate groups.

Richmond Realtor Mastermind Group. This group has thousands of members. I'm going to post this to Richmond Area Open Houses, Richmond Commercial, the Realtor Masterminds. I'm going to post this to Real Estate Rehabbers and Landlords, RVA, Rehabbers, Flippers and Wholesalers. There are dozens of real estate groups in my town on Facebook to which I belong and I can literally put this deal in front of thousands of buyers immediately. Now look, Facebook is not a perfect place. There are certainly going to be some tire kickers there and there are going to be some people, they are not legitimate buyers, but I guarantee you, if you have a good deal on your hands, you will find buyers with this method. You don't need to go put up bandit signs, go to REIA meetings. You can connect with a ton of buyers this way and what's going to happen is they're going to click on this link, they're going to go to your presentation, and then your contact information is going to be displayed right here and they're going to reach out to you about this deal and about joining your buyer's list and that's it.

It's really that simple. Now you can do the same thing and share this on Twitter. You can put this on LinkedIn as well. I can create a post in LinkedIn if I want or I can hit Get Unique Link and text this link in this presentation to whoever I want, to my entire buyer's list. I can share this link on social media. I can share this link in forums. I can literally put this deal in front of thousands of people instantly. This is very powerful if you put this to work. If all you do is just follow the Facebook group method, don't post this on your timeline. Post this in groups, post this in real estate groups. They're crawling with hungry buyers. If you just use this method, you will get your deals sold.

So here's what you should do next. Leave me your comments, questions, thoughts below whether you're watching this on our site or on YouTube or somewhere else. Leave me your comments, questions. If you don't have the Rehab Valuator property flipping software yet, set up your account asap at to do what I just showed you. You're going to need the premium version, but it's incredibly affordable and please share this video on social media. Our goal is to empower as many investors as possible to make smarter decisions in their deal making and just work smarter, not harder. That's what we're here to do. All right. That's it. Thank you for watching.


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65 responses to “Get Your Deal in Front of Thousands of Cash Buyers Instantly”

  1. How do you find Groups (as in your video) if there aren’t any in Cincinnati, OH?

  2. Wil says:

    I received this short eye opening content value through email. Daniil you keep us enlightened on the art of real wholesaling made simple. Thank you again for a fresh breath of inspiration to succeed.

  3. Thank You – Again, you give us tremendously effective ideas & concepts!!
    This will work!!

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    Once I have a cash buyer on contract what is my next step.

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  7. Edna says:

    Thanks Daniil! Your information here has helped me with one of my main obstacles. I have come across great deals but have had a problem building a buyer’s list. I have Rehabvaluator Premium and love all that it does. Thanks for creating such a great product and making it available to people like me. I’ll be so happy when I complete my first deal! I’ll let you know. Thanks so much!
    -Edna, New Investor

    • Dylan Hampson says:

      Hi Edna,

      Great! We are excited to have you as a Rehab Valuator user. Please reach out if you ever need assistance with anything.


  8. Maurice says:

    Hi Daniil
    You knocked it out of the park with this great video on finding cash buyers. I have just one question though. Do you still attend REIA meetings sometimes? Or completely stop?
    Just curious if you still do it for the networking. Thanks

    • Dylan Hampson says:

      Hi Maurice,

      Thanks for reaching out! Daniil currently does not go to the REIA meetings. That being said, they certainly are a great way to meet other investors in your area. Please let us know if you have any other questions.


  9. Greg says:

    This is awesome. Keep producing awesome content for the people in the real estate investing world. Make sure to let us know when you update the comparable sales section again.


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    I watched this in your training videos on your site and love what you have! I have the free version and have not done any deals yet, but want too! i’m trying to learn and get the right contracts for both sides. thank you for helping us non-smart people!

  13. Rose says:


    Always great content! Like the Rehab Valuator, use it often for my deals especially those with small margins.

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    Excellent content as usual. We can always count on you to deliver information we need!

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  18. Jimmy L Jackson says:

    The training that is being offer does it jnclude option contractsAlso where does your comps come from

  19. Jose says:

    software is amazing it has so many tools saves you a lot of money not having to have different softwares that can be very expensive to get what you get here in this one platform.

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    This video is very informative and easy on the mind. I picked up a few details that will assist me in finding and building my buyers’ list in the near future. Thanks for the info presented herein.

  26. gloria kay says:

    is there any data for recent cash buyer transaction list for each property area???

    • Daniil Kleyman says:

      Hi Gloria. We don’t sell buyer data. The method taught in this video gets buyers to come to you instead of you having to track them down. You just post your deal and they contact you. Which then makes them much better, more motivated leads

  27. JC Kabingue says:

    I love this! Thanks for rolling this video out and the Project management.

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    I just emailed you about our Wholesaling 101 Master Class, where you can learn lots about finding deals.

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      Hi Kail, happy to hear you’re pleased with the software! Feel free to reach out anytime if you have questions about it and we’ll be happy to help. Enjoy your weekend!

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    Thanks again. This another great Idea: getting cash buyers made simple.
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    Hello thank you for this presentation
    I am doing the premium version of the free trial and it does not have the Zillow comparable feature.

  35. Alejandro says:

    I’ve been using Rehab Valuator for a little while now and it is great! It helps my company look very professional when sending reports to buyers. The comps are on point and it is a great crm to organize your leads.

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    Thank you Daniil for showing us the faster way to find buyers, it is a fantastic software I am not yet in the premium mode, but I will be soon.

  37. diego says:

    Hello, I could have sworn I saw somewhere that when you get your software, you have a data base or a group of investors to try to sell your deal to. That’s what I was hoping to see in this video, except you didn’t show that – am I wrong?

    • Catherine says:

      Hi Diego! The Premium software does provide a platform to market your deals to other Premium software users. Unfortunately, we do not provide lists of buyers or individuals to partner with. Those are people you will have to market to and network with to build your own lists. Feel free to reach out directly to our support team with any questions!

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    I’ve been following you for a long time and my results are that you are very consistent and thorough with your content, honest and generous
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