3. Purchase Assumptions Tutorial

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  1. How would you get the ARV without an appraisal?

    • JacobC

      Hi Donald,

      You use comps and you estimate the rehab cost. You can come up with some good numbers that way.

  2. Stephen

    Is there a way to change the default from $1500? Every time I fill out the form, I have to change to my default which is $10,000. Thanks.

    • Daniil

      Stephen: when you start a new deal, it’s going to default to whatever it defaults to for everyone. But you can create a new template with your own numbers, and then when it’s time to start a new deal, just clone that existing template: https://rehabvaluator.com/tutorials-web/knowledgebase/cloning/

  3. harvey davis jr

    wholesaling houses and commercials propertys…..

  4. Mitchell R. Halpern

    I need a little help understanding how to correctly do a wholesale analysis. On the quick offer sheet, I estimated a wholesale profit of $15,000 and the max offer is $204,039. The end buyer cost is $360,750. What purchase price do I use?

    • StefanieK

      Hi Mitchell,

      If you go to do a detailed analysis (through New Deal or My Deals) you take the Max Offer $204,039 + your wholesale profit of $15k.