Below you will find a sample of the hundreds of Rehab Valuator reviews and client testimonials we have received about our real estate investing software:

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“If you don’t already own rehab Valuator you are missing out on the single best tool available to wholesalers and fix and flippers. Do not miss it!”

Jim Engersol
Carmel Properties Richmond, VA

"I have been using Rehab Valuator Premium for over six months now, and it is the best… Talk about building instant credibility!  I presented two deals to two new Private Lenders that I had never done business with before and gained $600,000 of funding for my deals. These two  new deals netted me over $200,000 in profits in just three months.

Your support is not like any other I have ever experienced. Daniil, you and your staff are quick to respond to my support requests and resolve any question I may have and I am back to work.

For all the Investors out there, I highly recomend this product. GRAB it now before the price goes up, it is worth a lot more than what Daniil is charging."

Bart Corrie Sr
Note One Investments, LLC

“Daniil this is a fantastic tool. As new Real Estate Investors we needed to find a tool to simplify all the math. Your Rehab Valuator is perfect for the job. And, you are right in saying the reports we can generate make us look soooo professional. Thanks.”

Margaret McKay
Clearwater, British Colombia

“My completely honest opinion on Rehab Valuator: This is the most professional, easy to use, effective real estate investor software on the market. The price is crazy low for the premium version. Any other so called “guru” would be charging , $1500-3,000 down with a monthly maintenance fee of $97. I’m just happy I purchased the system before Daniil wakes up and charges what this software is really worth!”

Dozell Varner
Lauderhill, Florida

“Daniil, I think you are one of the few people out there that actually over delivers. The free version of RV is very good and the premium version which I think is amazing, is affordable for everyone. It’s a great tool at an incredible value, I can’t afford NOT to have it. Major props to you bro and thanks!”

Nick Capra
Las Vegas, Nevada

“This software is awesome!!”

Crystal LeSuer
Baltimore, MD

“Hands down some of the best software I’ve seen.”

Jason Lucchesi
Global Fortune Solutions, LLC

“Awesome software…. Just raised another 200k with it!!”

Akeem Seriki
ABS Worldwide, Inc

“Superior Tool by an investor that clearly understands the “ins and outs’ of making money in real estate .”

Lance Vieau
San Antonio, TX

“ I bought your program several months ago.  A few days ago I had a property that a potential investor wanted a rehab analysis. And he wanted it of course yesterday. I went immediately to the Rehab Valuator and was surprised how easy it was to get the results that I must say really impressed my investor. Thanks you so much for providing this program to us and at such a reasonable cost.”

JD Hawkins
Foley, Alabama

“ I love your software! It takes the numbers that I know — and makes me look like a Wall Street Genius!!”

Jason Bhattacharya
Refine Properties

I gotta tell ya – I bought this software a year ago and it allowed me to do 12 houses so far.  It really is a must have tool  if you are going to be in this business.  [My investment] turned me into  a $58,000 first year wholesaler….Unbelievable.  THANK YOU DANIIL.  DON’T THINK ABOUT WHETHER YOU SHOULD BUY THIS OR NOT. BUY IT!

Steve Stephens
Spokane, WA

“Daniil has changed how we run our rehab flip business.  Several months ago we used Rehab Valuator to fund over $5MM in RE! I highly recommend it!” ”

Jeff Coga
Capital RE Development - Holywood, CA

“I have been using REHAB VALUATOR for the past two years now. And I have to tell you the software is KICK ASS. Every time I am talking with a seller on the phone I have the REHAB VALUATOR up and running. I punch in a couple of numbers and I know if I have a deal or not all in two seconds. That is just the beginning of what the REHAB VALUATOR does for you. When I am ready to either flip the property or look for funding I can put together a very professional looking property analysis that I can email or print and send in my direct mailers. I would tell anyone that is a real estate investor this is a must have tool you need!

Terry Mcgahan
Chicago, IL

“I have found the rehab valuator a must use in my day to day business to evaluate properties and also to make presentations to investor partners , banks, and buyers and sellers. The best tool for real estate I have ever found. I have looked at a lot to soft ware this blows them all away.”

Joe Capra
Joe Capra Realty Denver, CO

“Love the software. Easy, quick, convenient and gets the job done. AWESOME!!!”

Vito Mikhno
Orlando, Florida

I closed 3 wholesale deals using Rehab Valuator last year. The investors were impress with the Marketing Package I put together using Rehab Valuator. They had not seen a wholesaler break the numbers all the way down like I did and providing apples to apples comps. As a wholesaler, Rehab Valuator has seperated me from the rest of the wholesalers in my market. I have pick up more buyers due to Rehab Valuator. Investors want to see actual numbers and Rehab Valuator does that.”

Tim Rogers
3 Rogers Investment Group

“I bought The Rehab Valuator last year. Haven’t secured my first deal yet, but The software is incredible Investor/Novice friendly. It allows you to provide a professional flyer/proposal for Savvy Investors. Calculate your exits/profits in an instant. I love it! Makes you look like a PRO!”

Maria Elena Hernandez
Glendale, CA

“As a professional real estate investor, I could not do my job without this program. Saves me time and allows me to quickly assess a property and decide, yes make offer, no the numbers dont work. Its a godsend for me! Thanks Daniil Kleyman!!”

Savana Rose

The best evaluation software on the market. Bar none! It is far superior to anything else I could have used and allows me to analyze properties with confidence. Couldn’t work without it.”

David Burt
Blue Sky Property Investments

“ best software available anywhere!!!”

Bob Franklin
Long Beach, CA

“ Great systems. Thank you for you for your help with our business.”

Dean Griffin


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“I finally got the chance to sit down and go through the material of the premium valuator.  All I can say is, POWERFUL, POWERFUL, POWERFUL.  Boy, this is a tool that will be very valuable on my journey to success.  I wish this had been available for me when I started back in 1986.  Danill, I can’t even remember how I bump into you, but I can only imagine that this too was by God’s design.   I appreciate knowing when I need some assistance that you are there to answer and help with any of my questions.  At this point I just want to say, thanks Danill.  Well worth the money spent.”

- Perry Brown, Apple Valley CA

“I am loving the software! I have read sooo many books on house investing but putting numbers together was the most confusing part. But this is very easy to use and it speaks for itself when you look for buyers so I feel i would be more confident in my transactions.”

- Lisa Brault, Pittsburgh PA

“I absolutely love it. And thank you for making such a awesome product. Not only did you create something useful you bundle it with books. Your software is invaluable, thanks again.”

- Derek Johnson, Orlando FL

“ Using your spreadsheet has cut the time I spend preparing offers drastically, and I am looking forward to using the marketing pieces I can generate on the properties.  I submitted 11 offers this past Saturday and within seconds had my offer price figured out on each one – seriously, I was expecting to spend the entire morning but within an hour had 11 offers done.

Also – your support is superb.  The response is so fast I lose virtually no time fixing a problem.”

- Chris Dozier, Franklin TN

“I want to take a moment to thank Daniil for all the support that he has shown me in starting my new real estate investing business. I feel like Rehab Valuator has been a partner all the way. The tools help me weed out inappropriate properties and focus my efforts more efficiently and evaluate the best options for me and my investors. Once all the data has been input, the software creates professional marketing presentations that enable even a newbie like me to build my credibility and confidence. If it works for me it can work for you.”

Also – your support is superb.  The response is so fast I lose virtually no time fixing a problem.”

- Stephen Fryer, Nepean Ontario

“Thanks your software is top notch, it is making this present deal happen!!!!   I almost feel like sending you a Split at end of deal but better not maybe the third or fourth deal i will send you a split to be sent to your favorite charity...???

I already have cash buyers lined up for a quick flip or assignment. Thank You, Thank You and Thank You again for such an awesome product.”

- Steve Haley, Full Access Remodel

“Hi Daniil, Yes your Rehab Valuator Premium is an EXCELLENT tool. I have used it on 2 loan packages so far and my lenders have also commented on it’s excellent presentation of data and final reports. Really a quick way to generate professional property evaluation and presentation packages.”

- Bill Rayburn, Stargate Properties - LLC Tucson AZ

“ I love it!  Very happy with the product and the excellent customer service, this is
something that will definitely benefit my business. I can create highly professional looking packages that would impress any potential lender or partner.”

- Peter Abraham, Brandon FL

“Hi Daniil, I have had and seen differrent evaluating systems a few were free and some for sell. They were not easy to understand. The free ones were without instructions. For a beginner they were not user friendly. Your two systems are unique, user friendly, proffessional looking, and complete.

Along with that I felt you are genuine, honest and fair. I high /five you on your journey from the world of financial, stock market  to the vast facets of real estate investing. Additionally you are humble, making your programs not only high quality packed but affordable someone like my self. Many out there will charge an arm and leg for programs like yours, I will even add a torso, since monthly fees are added. You are the man. I thank you for consideration of others of little means, for opportunity."

- Wilbert Dorn, Apple Valley CA

“ I really enjoyed the software and I appreciate how well your team understands and nourishes healthy business relationships by offering things of real value instead of constantly going for the close. Your products are amazingly useful and I would be honored to work with you in any venture you decide to undertake. ”

- Steven Sayers, SAS Management Group LLC

“Your software is God sent, can you believe that just 5 days after installing your software, I got a call from a seller who wanted to sell his house to me.

Using rehabvaluator premium to structure a deal and guess what, I have a contract signed. ARV of property is $174,000, needs minor cosmetics and I was able to lock it up for $140,000.

I already have cash buyers lined up for a quick flip or assignment. Thank You, Thank You and Thank You again for such an awesome product.”

- Wana Udoh, Pennywise Properties LLC

“Your premium software works just like you demonstrated. Excellent job creating it.  Numbers do speak louder than words. The rehabvaluator has made my job easier, quick and fun. Thanks for also sharing your knowledge of the Real Estate business.

As a private lender, the software speaks to me in a language I understand completely. Again, thank you for sharing this product. I plan to show this to my investment friends.”

- Armando Lopez, Keansburg NJ


Option 1: Monthly Subscription. $49/month. Cancel Anytime!

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Option 2: SAVE OVER 32% WITH AN ANNUAL SUBSCRIPTION! Pre-Pay 1-Year for ONLY $397! 30-Day Money Back Guarantee!

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“Hey Daniil –  Best $100 bucks I’ve ever spent.  Seriously.  I closed 2 wholesale deals using your software last week – I printed out the 1-page marketing reports and took them to a local “deal-making session” we have here in town where wholesalers and cash buyers meet.  Handed them out and had 2 deals negotiated by the end of the night!  Software is awesome and my 7-year old daughter can use it!  Catch ya later and thanks again!”

- Steve Pearlman, Richmond VA

“Hey Daniil,

Thanks for your email inquiring as to how I am doing with Rehab Valuator Premium.  It is a real pleasure working with someone who Truly cares about their customers.

As far as the program it is absolutely wonderful.  You and your team really thought of everything.  Prior to finding Rehab Valuator Premium, I looked on the internet and found programs claiming to do the same things (What a Joke) for $300-$500 dollars.  I didn’t need to be a brain surgeon to figure out that Rehab Valuator Premium was a better choice.

Daniil, Thanks again for an Excellent program and your commitment to customer support.”

- Gregory Cardeza, Mesa AZ

“Hey Daniil,

Once again you have created exactly what investors like myself need in our market today. Having a marketing tool such as this is making so much easier to gain credibility even more than before. Being able to show my buyers what’s potentially in store for them I guarantee will increase my business. Thanks again and keep up the good work!”

- Youlos McKelvin, Sequoia FCG - Buffalo, NY

“I just want to say what a great experiences I’ve have using your products so far. I started out with the lite version of Rehab Valuator. I was blown away when I purchased Rental Valuator at how in depth it was. I’ve used a lot of different software of the years and these guys blow it all out of the water! Loving Rehab Valuator Premium, got it just in time to use on a offer I was sending out on a deal! Keep up the great work and it’s been a pleasure talking with you guys and using your products! I’m going to continue to tell as many people about you all as possible.”

- Chris Jefferson, Glen Allen VA

“I love the new Rehab Valuator Premium software.  It has made putting together proposals so fast.  I can see a property, submit a bid, and send in my proposal to my partners while still at the property.  It is amazing.”

- Shawn Schwarten, The Problem Solvers LLC - Aurora, CO

“I really like your program!  Fyi.. The first property I wholesaled with the help of the program. I bought two weeks ago and it will be sold on this upcoming tuesday to another investor”

- Will Kropp, Pineville NC

“Great software!  I in the past have used excel spreadsheets I’ve built myself – this is much easier and faster to use!  Well worth the money to purchase the software!”

- Justin Naegle, JLN Properties Albany, OR

“I’m pretty excited about the software.  It sure is a great tool, and I know it will make things work a lot faster for my wholesale business.  Thank you for this excellent tool!!!”

- Leo Sosa, Infinity Property Solutions LLC, Culver City CA

“I am not gonna lie – I am pretty blown away.  You’ve made it almost a no-brainer to create marketing materials for my cash buyers.  Us wholesalers generally have a reputation for glossing over the numbers, but with this tool, I can blast out an intelligent property analysis to them with total ease.  Nice job on the tutorials too!”

- Steve Harping, Advanced Home Solutions LLC

“Daniil – Out of everyone I’ve bought products from on the internet – all the gurus, marketers, etc, you have proven yourself to be one of the most reliable and trust-worthy people to do business with.  Your support is awesome as is your software.  Rehab Valuator has made a great addition to my arsenal and is well worth the price! I am buying about 2-3 single family deals a month these days and I am using your program to screen between 10-20 properties a day that come my way from local brokers and wholesalers.  I actually can’t tell you how much easier life is now!  Take care.  ”

- Nathan Richards, New York NY


The software is amazing.  It works well and saves me a bunch of time.  I need to analyze 10 properties to buy one, your software makes the analysis so quick!”

- Justin Javan, Clovis CA

“Hi Daniil,what awesome software you have developed!!!! I am just starting out in wholesaling,still getting everything together,youre program is much easier to use than competitors programs.I am still learning at this point,I will definitley use your software to make deals fly!!!!”

- Bill Fenton, Florence NJ


Option 1: Monthly Subscription. $49/month. Cancel Anytime!

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Option 2: SAVE OVER 32% WITH AN ANNUAL SUBSCRIPTION! Pre-Pay 1-Year for ONLY $397! 30-Day Money Back Guarantee!

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