Rental Comps Update!

Software Update May 2024


You guys have been loving the addition of Nationwide Rental Comps Data just as much as we have so, we can't wait until you see these newest rental comps updates!

Previously, when working in the rental comps tool, you had to write down or remember your rental $/ft, then make a bunch of extra clicks to use and input that information but, not before you did some math yourself. Well, we've been working hard to improve this feature once again and all of those extra steps are no longer necessary! Phew, finally right?

Inside the rental comps, you'll now see a little blue house button. Click that to quickly open the input screen for your Projected Operating Income, enter the Square Ft. and $/Ft. for your unit(s), and the Premium software will automatically calculate market rent.

It's that easy!! This update is going to save you so much time but, we still have 3 more to share with you on how we've made this tool even better!


Watch the super quick video above to see all of the rental comps updates in action then, go try them out for yourself! If you currently have the Premium version of the software, this is ALREADY LIVE inside your account right now!

*This update is only available in the Premium version of the software.

See you for the next update! Until then, would you please leave us a comment? We'd love to hear from you πŸ™‚