Development Feasibility & Lender Proposals with Rental Comps

Want to know how to use the new rental comps in your Rehab Valuator Premium software?

Walk through this quick 16-unit development case study with us and we'll show you for your next acquisition or development project.

You'll see how we do the feasibility analysis for all of our projects and, that starts with building a pro-forma. Instead of spending countless hours searching for rental comps data, Premium users can now access that information with just one click!

Having this at your fingertips is incredibly powerful when putting together a comparable rentals report for lenders. Showing them this data backs up what's in your pro-forma. This is literally what we use to get millions of dollars in bank funding!!


If you already have the Premium software, sign into your account and check out this incredible new update. Don't have Premium yet? Test-Drive for $1 below!

*This update is only available in the Premium version of the software.

See you for the next update but, be sure and leave us a comment below so we know how we did with this one! πŸ™‚

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