Analyze a Build-to-Rent Duplex

Real Estate Development Training

Looking to purchase, or already own, some land and want to make sure build-to-rent duplexes make sense? Check out this detailed training video on analyzing new construction rental duplexes. We'll show you how to determine the value of land, evaluate financial feasibility, determine optimal financing, line up lenders, and more!


  • Why duplexes are better than single-family rentals and will make you more $
  • 3 most important financial metrics when evaluating deals
  • How to look at deals if you already own the land
  • How to look at deals if you're buying new land and how to value it
  • How to Determine As-Built Value (ABV) of your build-to-rent project
  • How to Build a Pro-Forma
  • How to Quickly get Rental Comps for your deal
  • How to determine construction costs on your build-to-rent project
  • The concept of “Max Leverage” and why it's crucial to understand it in a shifting market
  • The smart “leverage levers” you can pull to borrow more $ and need less cash!
  • How to structure your financing (cash vs. construction)
  • And more!

How to Get Free Land! Training on Zoning & Upzoning

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Development Feasibility & Lender Proposals with Rental Comps

development feasibility and lender proposals with rental comps

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