Private Money Deal Structuring Course – Become a Transaction Engineer

Welcome to this 4-Part Course on how to become a “Private Money Transaction Engineer” and effectively structure private money for real estate deals. If you learn the concepts taught here you’ll gain an equivalent of a PhD in tailoring your deals to each particular lender you’re working with. The end result will be:

      1. You will look like an absolute pro in front of lenders. If you can speak the language taught here, you’ll already be light years ahead of your competition
      2. By being able to tailor your deal structures to each lender’s risk/reward tolerance, you’ll secure private money for real estate deals quicker than someone who just throws a cookie-cutter deal proposal at them
      3. You will have more money on stand-by for your deals than you’ll know what do with. Private lenders for real estate investing that respect and trust you will send referrals.

Note: If you don’t have a fundamental understanding of what “private lending” is or how to find true private lenders, you should first read this article on how to get private money for real estate investing

IMPORTANT DISCLAIMER: The information contained in the following pages contains terminology and numbers you may not be familiar with. It will not necessarily be easy to digest quickly while doing 3 other things. Take some time, focus, get rid of distractions, and read this carefully. Take notes on finding funding for real estate deals. There’s no fluff here. If you don’t already have Rehab Valuator software to follow along with the numerical examples, you can open a free account here. This tool will be absolutely, categorically invaluable when it comes to finding private lenders and structuring and presenting your deals.