Q: Do I need Excel to use this software or can I use Open Office?

A: You need actual Excel, 2003 or later, to run our software.  Our software has a lot of built-in custom macros that Open Office can’t handle.

Q: Do I need to Enable or Disable Macros and What the Heck Are Macros Anyway??

A: You will need to Enable Macros.  We have a detailed tutorial on doing this.  Just click here to be directed to tutorials. Macros are special functions created with VBA code inside Excel.  They allow our software to do the more complicated tasks such as printing custom sets of reports, etc.

Q: I’ve enabled macros following the instructions in the video but then it tells me that macros are still disabled.  What gives??

A:  You will need to save your software and close out, then restart Excel.  This will allow the new settings to take effect.  A lot of people miss this so make sure you do this!!

Q: I enter new numbers into the program but nothing changes.

A:  Your “Calculation Settings” are most likely set to Manual. Here’s what you do:

1) At the top of Excel go to “Formulas” tab

2) Click on “Calculation Options” towards right of the screen and select “Automatic Except for Tables”.  This will take care of the issue

Q: I have a MAC – can I use this software?

A:  You will need to have Excel for Macs 2011 to use our software.  Otherwise it won’t run on Macs.

Q: How do I convert reports to a .pdf document?  Do I need to buy more software?

A:  You can either purchase Adobe Acrobat Writer or you can download any number of free PDF software programs out there.  We recommend Cute PDF: It’s free and will allow you to convert reports to .pdf documents!

After you install a .pdf writer of your choice,  you go to the Print Preview window, then click on “Print” and a window pops up allowing you to select which printer you’d like to print to.  From the drop-down box select the .pdf write (like Cute PDF) and that’s it!


Q: II want to use PayPal.  How can I do that?

A: You can use this link to purchase Rehab Valuator with PayPal (click here)

Q: If I purchase Rehab Valuator Premium, can I install it on multiple computers?

A: We typically let you install it on up to 2 computers as long as you’re the only user.  When you pay $97, you are purchasing a single user license.

Q: What if I have multiple people in my office/family who want to use this software?

A: You’ll pay to purchase multiple licenses.  If you are buying more than 3, we can usually give you a group discount.  Just email

Q: When I purchase the Premium software, will you send me a disk?

A:  Our software is a digital-only product.  You will immediately be directed to the download page where you can immediately access and start using the software, as well as your bonuses.  We don’t mail disks for 2 reasons:

1) It allows us to keep our costs – and thus the price of our software – down.

2) It makes it easier for us to distribute frequent updates to our software.  We just send you an email and you access the download page!

Q: If I buy your Premium software,  are there any repeat charges/costs?

A:  No.  Not ever.

Q:  What is your refund/return policy?

A: We offer a full 30-day money-back guarantee for any reason from the date of purchase for the Premium software licenseholders. This policy applies to all licenses purchased.  If you have activated the software upon purchase, you will be required to de-activate it upon the request of your refund.  Instructions will be provide by customer support upon receiving your refund request.   Our refund policy is in effect for 30 days.  Not 31, not 32.  This policy will be applied equally and without exceptions to all clients in order to treat everyone fairly.

Q: I really like your software.  I’d like to promote it and make $.

A: Great!  You can sign up as an affiliate here

Q: When I try to print a presentation to a .pdf report it doesn’t print all pages to one file

A:  Here’s what you do:

When you select which reports you’d like to print, you’ll be directed to the Print Preview window.

You need to make sure that the “Print Quality” for each page is the same.  So:

1) In Print Preview window, click on “Page Setup” at the top left of the screen

2) Under “Print Quality” make sure that it’s set to the same dpi # (like 200 dpi) for every single report

*If some reports are set to different dpi than others, they will print to separate .pdf files


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