Refinancing Case Study and Presentation Download (BRRR: Build, Rent, Refi, Repeat)

This is a quick BRRR (Build, Rent, Refi, Repeat) and refinancing training for 6 new build duplexes of Daniil’s. See how he was able to pull out close to $400k in cash, leave very little $ tied up, and achieve close to 30% cash on cash return on this portfolio!

You can apply this information when refinancing any existing portfolio, running your analysis, and most important of all, creating a professional presentation for any banker that makes you look head and shoulders above every other Jack and Jill hitting them up for $. This will make you look WAY more credible and streamline the process as you’ll be answering most of your lenders’ questions via the presentation before they ever get a chance to ask them.

This is the exact 6 page presentation that I just sent off to my banker to secure this refi. Download the presentation and study it! This is real world examples of Rehab Valuator in action when it comes to raising money and bank financing. We do this daily and so do our clients!



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