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How To Build Your Credibility Kit (Part II): Do it with Zero Experience or Track Record! -

How to Build A Real Estate Credibility Kit: Part 2  (How to Build it With Zero Experience Or Track Record!)

Why and How to Build Your Killer Credibility Kit - Part2 - Do it with No Experience or Track Record!


Welcome back for Part 2 of this training on building a killer real estate credibility kit to help you raise money and build trust with people you want to do deals with.

As we continue to explore this uber-important tool in your real estate investing arsenal, its purpose and how to create one… let’s do a quick recap of Part 1. (And if you haven’t read Part 1 in full, make sure you check it out – lots of useful and actionable info in that blog post.)

Last time, we talked about the “why” and “how” aspects of building a credibility kit. In a nutshell, a good credibility kit will:

  • Serve as a basis for establishing your reputation as a skilled real estate investor
  • Offer a snapshot of your real estate investing story
  • Help prospective private lenders, bankers, joint venture partners, buyers or sellers determine if you’re a good “fit” for them

Credibility kits are highly unique because they reflect your individual characteristics as an investor. When getting into real estate investing, credibility kits are essential to kick start your success because they:

  • Help you connect with new potential business partners
  • Help you establish trust with potential lenders
  • Speak volumes about your work ethic and goals
  • Serve as a lasting reminder of you, even after your meetings or presentations are over (sort of like a souvenir that travelers bring home from a vacation)
  • Will help you garner more business

If you’ve been in the real estate investing industry for more than a few years, you should be able to throw together an impressive credibility kit in no time.  Easy.


What if you just started getting into real estate investing – or are about to start – and have very little experience to share? 

You have no past deals to showcase.  No prior experience in real estate (or very little).


Don’t sweat it. I am about to show you how you can still put together a presentation that will showcase you as someone people should be lining up to do deals with!

Even if you have ZERO EXPERIENCE or TRACK RECORD, you can still position yourself as someone that understands the market, understands investing, has assembled a great team, and can be trusted!

REMEMBER THIS:  In the absence of experience, you must demonstrate:

  1. Market research and understanding
  2. Solid understanding of your investment strategy
  3. Solid understanding of deal structuring
  4. Great team behind you that will make up for your lack of track record

Turning Rookies into MVPs

Even if you haven’t done a single deal yet, you can still build a credibility kit that reflects you well and peaks the interest of potential private lenders, joint venture partners, and sellers.

Here are some CRUCIAL TIPS to do this effectively:

  • In your bio, it’s okay to focus on your success or achievements in another profession. Let’s be real: Just because you don’t have an extensive background in real estate investing doesn’t mean you don’t have the qualities that are indispensable for this field – such as integrity, ambition, work ethic, creativity, market knowledge, etc. In the same way, when you use recommendations from LinkedIn or other sources, they don’t have to specifically point out your real estate investing work. These ‘testimonials’ should accentuate your quality of character and level of professionalism. So, connect with former colleagues or managers and ask for general referrals – these will definitely help you beef up your credibility kit.
  • Include a section that describes your target market and explain why that specific market is desirable. This will give you an extra boost of credibility because it shows that you did A+ research.
  • Identify your risk and return.  Again, this is a spectacular way to show that you were ambitious enough to educate yourself on the essentials. If you come across as perceptive and confident in your real estate investor credibility packet, the deals will follow.
  • Feature a sample deal. (This is HUGE!) Single out a deal that you’re planning to snatch up and include details such as (i) the property’s location, (ii) its current value, (iii) the discount you plan to secure when purchasing the property, (iv) the renovations for rehabbing the property, and (v) either the price you plan to sell the finished property for OR the monthly rent price you’d charge.  Say “Here’s a profile of a typical deal I will be targeting”. 
  • FOR SUPER-EXTRA AWESOME CREDIT (If you really want to blow people away) – Include a Sample Deal Presentation generated with Rehab Valuator Premium that looks like this:

Private Lender Deal Presentation (created with Rehab Valuator)

  • When people can visualize the deal and see that you truly have mastered deal structuring and risk/return analysis, they will open their trust and valets to you a lot quicker!
  • If you don’t have before-and-after photos of deals you’ve done, incorporate photos of a property you’re targeting. Show which deal you plan to pursue, justify why you’re targeting it, and elaborate on how you plan to successfully pull it off. When it comes to details, offer up the most helpful tidbits of information not the whole nine yards.
  • As an alternative to including a full Deal Presentation in your Credibility kit, just include the 1-Page Private Lender Funding Request like this:SampleFlyer
  • If you include a “sample deal profile” like the one above in your credibility kit, you will look like an experienced investor even if you’ve never done a deal before.  Rehab Valuator Premium is still available for a discounted price of $49/month or $397/year (32% savings!) here – take advantage of this before our prices go up!
  • Use the credibility of your team to build up yours and make up for lack of your own experience. Let’s say that your contracting team has worked on 200 homes – share those details and their credibility will automatically become yours! Just make sure you clarify that they have this experience (don’t lead people to believe that you worked on that many homes).

You must remember that it’s important to be ethical and to accurately represent yourself in your kit. Never imply that a target deal is one that you’ve already completed. Be candid and honest at all times, and describe target deals as ones you hope to close on.

The moment that a private lender or JV partner doubts your integrity, you can kiss your credibility goodbye.

Now, with all the stuff I just mentioned, you’ll already have a substantially sized credibility kit (even without business partner recommendations or testimonials included). But let me say that just like no two people are alike, no two credibility kits are alike. Make sure your credibility kit tells your real estate story.

And look, you certainly shouldn’t feel pressure to include all of the components I’ve talked about. You can include one idea or two or all of them… whatever you need to tell your story accurately and skillfully – add it. It’s that simple.

REMEMBER: A Tool Is Only as Good as its User
Give yourself a pat on the back once you’ve built a credibility kit… but there’s still more work to do. Your job doesn’t end here! You must follow up with potential lenders, joint venture partners, buyers and sellers who received your credibility kit.

Being shy is not an option when getting into real estate investing. Use this smart tactic:

  • Follow up with an email or a phone call
  • Ask to schedule a 10-minute meeting (either over the phone or in person) to discuss your business goals and experience more in-depth
  • During the meeting, explain your strategies so the partner or client can determine if their goals align with yours
  • Keep the meeting short and sweet but informative

Final Thoughts

Remember: It’s not a popularity contest (do those things really exist?).

Don’t get frustrated if it takes a few tries to find a private lender, JV partner or seller who’s a good fit for you. Like many things in life, real estate investing requires time and effort to find and nourish the right connections.

As you continue to grow your expertise in this industry, you’ll begin to immediately recognize the partnerships and opportunities that are the right fit for you.

As I wrap up, I hope this post – as well as Part 1 – inspired you to create a compelling credibility kit, which could definitely give you a leg up on the competition. If done thoughtfully, building a credibility kit can be a game-changer in your real estate investing career.

So, follow my tips on what to include and get those creative juices flowing.

Until next time,



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  1. I truly thought this was a very valuable information especially for new inexperienced investors. It spikes confidence in those who self doubt. Here’s a old saying : there’s nothing between you, but opportunity and air! !!! Let’s build our credibility kit and and let the funding present itself. Thanks, once again Daniil!!!!!!!

  2. Merron Golston

    This ls killer information thank you for this Daniel not many people even touch on this subject .What l would like to know ls there a template or script to help you write this kit.

    • JacobC

      Hi Merron,

      I’ll check for you and see if we have anything like that. If so I’ll email it to you and see about posting it on the website as well for other users.


  3. Balwant

    You have done awesome job in creating not just software but proving how this tool will change my life. Both part of blog are in full detail explaining credibility kit as most comprehensive presentation that restores my confidence. It reminded me my forgotten adventures of past 40 + years. This will most certainly boost my letter to warp speed.

  4. Thanks, Daniil.

    Your helpful advice has encouraged me, since I have found it almost impossible to find houses to flip without private funding. For several months I have looked and looked for a house that would satisfy my hard money lender’s qualifications, such as on-site inspections, appraisals, and contingencies. Without being able to bid on foreclosures, I was relegated to vastly distressed properties that required tremendous outlays to restore them. Now I can develop my Credibility Kit and have a good shot of partnering with a lender for bidding and going after quick deals. The RehabValuator software has given me tools to make smarter and quicker decisions in my rehab business. Have a blessed day. Doug.

  5. Hi,
    how are you? I just want to say that your insights on this very essential topic is so valuable to me and my real estate endeavors , that my gratitude to you is beyond words. I shall be putting your advice to work a.s.a.p.

    Thanks a Million!
    Omar Marsh c/o
    Pure Speed Garage

  6. I am going to rebuild my landing page… you have been a great help. I will be upgrading as soon as I make my first deal or get funded…
    I like your tool I am in the process of learning the free version. Great Job

    • Daniil

      Sounds good, Jim!

  7. Veronica Grant

    I learned so much. Looking forward to building my credibility kit.


  8. John

    Daniil thank you for sharing your knowledge, experience and information so freely. You not only are inspirational, but also are filling in the “missing pieces” for your students to ultimately achieve their own success. Blessed is the man that doesn’t give us a fish, but teaches us how to catch our own.

    • JacobC

      Hi John,

      Thanks for the feedback! It’s always great to hear from people that are taking what we offer and running with it. We wish you much success.

  9. You Rock! Such great information consistently. Thank you.

    • Ray Bahng

      Thanks Robin!

  10. Good Blog. I understand the concepts of the credibility kit. Do you have any samples of completed kits? Also, what would be a better word or phrase for this?

    • Ray Bahng

      Hi Greg – another way of looking at the ‘credibility kit’ is to think of it as a resume or portfolio of sorts that helps illustrate your experience and/or expertise in real estate concepts and investments. We have a fantastic training on this in our Art of Private Money training course.

  11. angel serra

    Can I receive the discount? currently paying $49

    • Rafael Diaz

      Hi Angel- the only discount we could offer you is an annual subscription for $397. If you were to switch to the annual plan you would save 32% for the year compared to your current monthly subscription.

  12. mohammed abdullah

    thank you so much I think credibility is a beginning, I want build list of potential sellers,how do I go about that. your responds will be most welcome and thank you once again.

    • Hi Mohammed! Thanks for your comment. I recommend taking advantage of your Inner Circle resources as a reference on building potential seller lists. There are very recent Inner Circle webinar recordings that you can re-watch related specifically to this topic. After logging into your account, simply click on the ‘Access Inner Circle’ tab located on the top middle of your screen. Then scroll down past Training Calls on the bottom left. As you are an Inner Circle member, don’t forget to connect with the Inner Circle Facebook Group, as you can get additional coaching in this area within the group as well.