New Cost and Schedule Templates for Gut Renovation and SFR New Construction

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NOTE: These Cost and Schedule Templates are available in Rehab Valuator Premium and will save you huge amounts of time estimating your rehab & new construction costs and planning your projects!

Simply load them from inside your deal, fill in some missing take-offs based on your individual project and your budget will be built for you automatically! Same with your Project Schedule. Then simply update your scope of work based on your specific project to fine-tune the budget further.

Couple of Disclaimers about the Cost Templates we provide:
A. Scope of work and materials will depend on your geographic location. Basements are common in Northeast, not in the south, stucco is common out west but not on the east coast (we use siding and brick), particular roof materials are specific to each geographic areas, etc. The costs and scopes of work we provide you in Rehab Valuator are based on our own real world projects in Richmond, VA but you need to adjust these templates based on your projects and your market!
B. Costs will also vary by region. Both materials and labor costs vary significantly between Richmond where we are and certain markets where labor is each much cheaper or more expensive. Use these Templates as a guide and a starting point but update your Scope of Work in the budget, and then verify these numbers by getting your own bids!
C. Costs fluctuate based on time and lately have been going up rapidly. So it's on you as the user to take this template and then update it based on your market and current costs as they change!
D. Costs will vary depending on level of finishes you're using. Vinyl siding costs less than hardiplank siding which costs less than brick. Quartz countertops cost more than granite which cost more than laminate countertops. Etc etc. Bath tile is another great example – the variation between cheap and expensive is significant!

These templates will save you a huge amount of time when used properly! Make sure you check out the rest of the Project Management Tutorials (link below) and sign up for Rehab Valuator Premium if you don't have an account yet!


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