Deal Maker Talk: How to Develop Ground Up Rental Real Estate

How to Build Your Team and Find Great Development Opportunities

Developing real estate starts with building a great team around you. You then need an understanding of zoning and value before you can go out and identify great development opportunities. That's what this video is about!

Here’s some of what we cover here:

    • Why I never buy tenant-occupied properties

    • Why I won’t ever sell you my architectural plans

    • The one must-have for a scalable portfolio

    • The 2 Key Members on your development team

    • How to avoid “zoning landmines” and the consultant that will help

    • How to transition from rehabbing to ground-up

    • 2 key knowledge areas to spot great dev opportunities

    • The only place I’ll ever put my AirBnB units

    • And much much more

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