The video below is a brief overview of the software to get you started.  You can then select from the menu on the left to watch detailed tutorials on each part of the software.

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  1. Edgard

    I got the tutorial but not the Evaluator Lite

  2. got thetutorials but n ot the valuator lite ?

  3. Hi All. If you need to download Rehab Valuator Lite again, check your email – you should have gotten a download link when you originally signed up.

    Or you can go to the homepage:



  4. i am brand new in this business, just trying to get going, no deals as yet, however i’ve looked at my properties already. your software is awesome based on others that i’ve looked at. as soon as i begin to turn deals i will buy the premium version. allow me to become proficient on the lite version and start making me some $$$$$.

  5. If you are wanting to look professional this program is it. It is exacty what every investor should have and is going to definitely improve the quality of your presentations let alone the increase in sold properties. Do you do web sites??? Ha Ha, no realy. If so or you know of a reasonble one.

    I believe first impressions is a key to success and you guys have just enhanced that for me!


  6. Daniil this is so cool!

    My phone is ringing off the hook with deals and this helps me get organized and puts me in a very professional light. It will also keep my from over paying as you mentioned.

    You do have to have good numbers but the software is so easy to use.

    I couldn’t be happier for upgrading!

    Thanks a Mil!

    • Daniil

      Hey Rodney – Glad you like the upgrade! We’ve been getting a ton of positive feedback, especially about the latest release with the new marketing report for Comps and new Rehab Budgets. Catch ya soon!


  7. Rob Rossi

    I’ve tried out the exit strategy 2 (Lite) & found your formula for calculating “Payment” is INCORRECT !!!
    I’ve used 2 amortization calculators & they agree but not with yours……….checki it out, thanks

  8. Rob Rossi

    My mistake………… switched from finance to all cash in assumptions & the light came on !! disreguard previous comments…… all is great ! thank you

    • Daniil

      Hey Rob,

      Glad you figured it out! 🙂


  9. jerome

    Daniil, i am estatic with this premium and the evaluator Lite set -up ,is there a section in this system that gives you or me a estimated appraisals of said property’s,in which i know a direct qualified appraiser would give a more direct figure, even on a percentage basis i would want to adjust a ball park number into any property somewhere in these analyisis. thanks jh.

    • Daniil


      Our software does not give you an appraisal of the property unfortunately – there’s just way too much information that it would need to gather to give an accurate appraisal. At some point, your knowledge of the market and ability to get comps should be strong enough for you to accurately estimate the “as-is” market value and the “after-repair” market value on your own.


  10. Reggie

    Thanks so much for developing this software and offering a free version of lite. I just tried it for the first time, and definitely plan to purchase the premium version. Thanks again, Daniil!

    Reggie B

  11. Sam Sanders

    hi, i think this software is awsome; I’m looking forward yo using all it’s features and thin some. Thank you very much for this unbelievable software.

  12. JW

    Just purchased this software. I can see the value add this brings to a presentation when you’re deciding which way to go. This coupled with a qualified buyers list should put one in a sweet-spot!

    Please tell me that you are working on a commercial version for multifamily, office or mixed use. This coupled with a BPO would make for a powerful statement.

    • Daniil

      Hi Jerome – we actually do have another software program for analyzing and marketing commercial properties. It’s called Rental Valuator and you can get the free version at!

  13. thank you for your interest

    because you are in the the realestate business, i want to ask if you will give an opinion o f montelongo and his seminars on flipping houses?

    • Daniil

      Hi Myran. Unfortunately I am not familiar with the montelongo materials or company so can’t speak about it.

  14. William

    Thanks for a great software tool, this will help me out big time.

    Thanks again

  15. Hey Daniil,
    Happy belated new year;Long time no speak.I must confess that I’m not one to toot anothers horn; because most people TALK A GOOD GAME BUT THEY USUALLY CAN’T PLAY.You on the other hand always play the full nine innings every time you suit-up. Once again my friend you have “hit it out of the park.Of all the people with products for real estate investors yours are the only ones that deliver has you say they will first time every-time.My compliments tro you are not for your EGO,but for the quality of your products and the keeping of your promise of their performance. Congratulations on this upgrade and I truly look forward to your RENT VALUATOR upgrade in the near future.Well Done!!!!!!!! PEACE

    PS How do I get the required plugin for the first bonus video?????? HOLLA-HOLLA
    Youlos – Sequoia FCG

  16. I am an experienced carpenter of 33yrs and an active rehabber/flipper. I have tried out software from about everyone out there. And now have stumbled into your program, i must say very impressive to say the least you have nailed it. You can count me in and will tell everyone about your software!

    • Daniil

      Thanks, Jeff. I really appreciate it! Hope it helps your business!

  17. Great video you have here. I like it

  18. It has been hard for me to get started, i am on soc. security only and the programs have been way too expensive to get started, so thankful for a free video. Just getting started wanted to do my first deal . I feel finding homes for purchase for investors, like rental property and getting money at a percentage and then reloaning at a higher rate for residual income would be a good start for me. what do you think? I wanted to get the program from stacey but have not been able to afford it.

  19. Program is great. This will help us with our comps and be sure that they are in the ball park area. Very impressed how easy it is to use.
    Thanks, Patrick for directing us to Daniil. We listen to your videos and emails.
    Also, a big follower of Susan Lyons.
    Will keep you informed. Hoping to get our 1st deal today. Will know later in day.

    Nancy and Betty
    Texas Twins

  20. Tony

    Hi Daniil,

    Thanks much Rehab Valuator is a great tool! I’m still a neophyte to REI having only purchased and rehabed 5 properties so far that I have rented out all for good positive cash flow. For me one of the hardest things and what slows me down the most is evaluating properties and coming up with what I think are good offers. Because of that I created my on spreadheet using formulas to help speed up the process. So when I saw Evaluator and all that it could do I knew I had to have it. It has so many useful bells and whistles that make my business function more efficiently and the reports that can be generated will be a great marketing aid for private investor money. I still use my own too since it does analyze comparables using several factors to come up with an ARV. Could be that Rehab Valuator does that to and I just haven’t figured how how to do it yet.Thanks again for making my work easier!

    • Daniil

      Hi Tony. 5 properties rehabbed and added to your portfolio is nothing to sneeze at so don’t sell yourself short!

      To answer your question, for now our software doesn’t actually pull or determine comps for you. Once we release the web-based version that may change though! Glad you’re getting good use out of the program and thanks for your compliments!

  21. Tim Rogers

    Daniil, I got the evaluator lite and I will soon upgrade to the premium. This will help me a great deal in my wholesale business. Also, the premium will give me the opportunity to finally buy a few properties for myself by marketing to private investors. This software can only help your business.

    • Daniil

      Hi Tim – glad to hear from you and appreciate the great feedback! Now is definitely a good time to jump in the game and get some properties in your portfolio!

  22. Reggie

    Hey sorry but just like Doug and Edgard I got the tutorials but not the Valuator lite.

    • Daniil

      Reggie – just go back to and enter your name/email and you’ll be taken to the software download page!

  23. This Rehab Valuator Premium is great. I am new in investing and I would recommend it to anyone new in the Real Estate business. I made an offer before purchasing, but my offer was close to the estimate I got. Thanks Daniil.


  24. I want to input property info, where do I go. Thanks.

    • Daniil

      Esther – there is an “update info” screen that pops up when you first open the software. There is also an “update info” button on every sheet that you can press.

  25. Johnny Teopaco

    Daniil, Thank you very much. I was really surprised that it was you who picked up the phone to talk to me. Again thanks and have a great day.

  26. RSB

    I am in the software business as well and i am impressed with your work.

    Which application did you use to make the video ?

    Anyways Cheers , and let me know if you are interested in resell rights or rebrandable apps.


  27. Elena Hernandez

    Wow! Daniil – this program is AWESOME and I am just getting started with it. Thank you for creating just what the noivce and advance Investor needs to get in the Real Estate Game.

    M. Elena Hernandez

  28. Ronald Brown

    This was some great information I will be trying this in the future

  29. Michelle

    Hi Daniil,

    I am very interested in getting the RV Premium I see you are looking to do a web version per you comment below any idea when that will be I don’t have microsoft suite so no excel. Is the premium version available in any other format like for windows pc. Also once web base version is ready will those who already have premium be in or how will that work. I download the lite version not knowing excel is needed. Look great just what I will need.


    • Daniil

      Hi Michelle. We probably won’t be out with the web based software until next year it looks like. It will be a totally separate platform and pay structure from the Excel based but those that buy the current software will get a major discount to use the web-based platform.

  30. James Browne

    I believe that your soft ware will be a great tool in making presentations to cash buyers and also to help find partners for fix and flip projects. But I must admit that I need to practice it use and take more time to smooth out my ability to use it most effectively.

  31. I am a new user and so far it is great. The only thing I would recommend is that in the Comps report you add a field to show the distance from the target property as that is usually critical in the analysis.

    I sent out a proposal yesterday to a private investor that i was able to out together in about 20 minutes…we will see!

    Also Sam in support got right back to me on a question I had

    Thank you.


  32. You really make it seem so easy with your presentation but I find this matter to be actually something which I think I would never understand. It seems too complex and very broad for me. I’m looking forward for your next post, I’ll try to get the hang of it!

  33. Keith

    I just finished viewing the Rehab Valuator software and is very impressed with my purchase. I really
    Thank You for such detailed property analyzes that can be done that the touch of a button. Truly Yours Kallen.

  34. Roz

    Im a Real Estate Broker & Wholesaler and I Love It!!!!
    Great for both both sides of business!

  35. pete

    How can you add comps to the property you are sending out to investors?

    • Daniil

      Pete – there is a separate report in the Premium version called “Comps Report”. It does not pull/find the comps for you though – you need to find the comps yourself and fill out the report.

  36. Neil

    I have the premium pkg. I ca NOT save my work, when I try, Doc. show the correct title of the work, but when I open the file it opens to the original format you send with the program. How do I save my files and how can I save more than open and still be able to create more to save, etc.

    • Daniil

      Hi Heil,

      There’s usually an easy fix for this:

      1) Find the icon for the saved file with Excel closed (it should be on your desktop or in another folder)
      2) Right-click the icon and select “Properties”
      3) Under “General Properties”, check towards the bottom and see if “Read-Only” is checked
      4) If it’s checked, then UNcheck it and click “Apply” then “Ok”
      5) Now double-click the file icon on your desktop and open the program

      You should be good to go now and be able to save your changes.

      Rehab Valuator Support

  37. Jada

    Get piece to the puzzle in presenting our flips!!

  38. Diane Ottolenghi

    Program seems very good BUT, as a MAC user, I was not told that Excel 2011 was the only product that would work with it. Thanks to the support folks you have for getting me this far! I am glad that I did not purchase the premium package because I ended up having to spend $120+ to purchase the Excel 2011 just to get the Lite version to work on my computer and that maxed my budget.

  39. Bill Zboyovski

    daniil i got my problem resolved and now have access to the program

  40. Excellent software. I currently use a file that provides some of the data your software provides, but not with the level of sophistication. I am definitely interested in purchasing the premium package.

    Great job

  41. Bargain Realty

    My investment partner and I would each like access from differnt locations. Can you make it happen in the paid version? Looks like a great program.

    • Daniil

      Hi Nick,

      Because it’s a downloadable software, each person needs to get their license and download the program to their own computer. Once you do that, you should be able to easily email each other information though!

  42. gil

    great system, looking forward to testing it out on my first deal. Will keep in contact, and I am grateful to you to share something like this to total strangers.

  43. Paul Scapicchio

    I have Rehabvaluator Light and am trying to figure out how to enter a deal that is being financed by a bank in two separate traunches. The bank is loaning us 75% of the acquisition costs on a building we are purchasing for $425,000 and then is lending us 100% of the construction budget of $200,000.

    • Daniil

      Hi Paul,

      In answer to your question, I would choose financing, put in your purchase price and rehab budget. If they are loaning you 75% of the purchase price, or $318,750 and then the total construction cost is $200,000, the total loan will be $518,750. You can calculate this based as a percentage of the total cost of the project, which is 83%. So under financing for #6 choose Cost, then for #7 enter 83%.

      Best Regards,

      Rehab Valuator Support

  44. Danill, thanks for your time and your free presentations. this is really interesting especially for a beginner like me i find it very beneficial. In case of any further questions, is there any possible phone # where some one can reach you, beside emailing you ? I have a lots of questions at the back of my head to ask as a new investor. Again, thanks for your time!! i can be reached @ tel : 857 277 3111, Angela Barikor.

    • Daniil

      Hi Angela. You’re welcome! And we would prefer you contact us by email – we can typically help you better that way!

  45. Heidi Hector

    Very easy to understand and user friendly. Still learning software. Thank you for your gift.

  46. I do believe all of the concepts you have introduced to your post. They are very convincing and can definitely work. Still, the posts are very short for newbies. May you please extend them a bit from next time? Thank you for the post.

  47. Lester

    Great tool! Thanks

  48. I’ve purchased Rehab Valuator & Rental Valuator in the last 24 hours. I’m looking forward to doing my first deal using this amazing looking software. Thanks, Daniil. You seem to be a straight shooter who is giving excellent software at a great price, that, I will mention, will be a very good guide in staying out of trouble when doing deals.

  49. John P

    I’m pissed…just found an email from Patrick Riddle (July 2012) that I never opened. I could have looked so much better in front of my buyers and investors with this detailed reporting..this (premium) may be the best value I have seen since getting started in the business 2yrs ago

  50. Colleen

    You have done an outstanding job of putting this all together. It covers such a large amount in such a small concise time for a person to put it all together for their knowledge and/or a presentation for a buyer thank you very much.

  51. Corey Orr

    Hey Daniil, finally got the rehab and rental premium software and bonuses. Can’t wait to start using these tool’s to build my business. Thank’s so much.

  52. Leroy Walwyn

    This is the best real estate investing software I have seen so far.


  53. Thanks,
    Let me play with it a while and see if I want to upgrade, I am looking for investors to work with and I think this tool will be very useful.

  54. Tim

    Very impressive! I just viewed all of the videos! All are very valuable tools. This is something any new beginner will appreciate in having while starting off in Real Estate Investing as an Wholesaler! I’ve been educating myself for a long time about becoming an real estate investor but find it to be to expensive to get started and not having the proper tools to begin with! This free product has been very much appreciated and you provide a great resource at no cost for now! I hope to become more involved in learning how to implement everything until I can afford to buy the premium product! Thanks a lot for everything you have provided so far!

  55. Mike

    D: What is the price for the upgrade? Also, do you have a version that runs on something other than Excel? The GMail version of Excel, for example? Thanks. Looks great.

    • Daniil

      Hi Mike,

      The regular price is $97. It’s a one-time charge that gets you a lifetime license to the program including updates. In regards to your other question the answer is no. The software will only with with a genuine copy of Microsoft Excel 2003 or newer on PC or Excel 2011 or newer for Mac (No starter editions).

  56. Jeff Acord

    When I go to enter rehab value it wont let me because I’m in read only mode. When I go to tools and try to unprotect it wont unprotect

  57. Thank you for permitting the free version to be use, I will be purchasing the premium very soon.
    There is no way after discovering and using this tool, you should not have it in your arsenal.

  58. terryhudson

    Can this software work with Canada real estate

    • Jacob

      Hi Terry,

      It will work yes. However, interest on Canadian mortgages is calculated differently than in the U.S so it will depend on where you’re getting your funding. In the U.S. you will pay a little bit more on a mortgage with the same interest rate than in Canada (Interest in Canada is calculated semi-annually where in the U.S. it is calculated monthly). Because of this if you are using a Canadian mortgage it will throw the #’s off just the tiniest bit making the software not quite as exact as it would be if you were in the U.S.

  59. Amos Goodman

    The presentation was excellent and easy to understand. I plan to immediately implement the program in my rei business!

  60. I enjoyed this tutorial for my rehab budgeting.

  61. Danill,

    I’m just about to start using the free version, but with the first deal I know I will purchase the premium version, who wound not want to take full advantage, just wanted to say thank you for the opportunity to present myself from the start as a true professional. I will always participate with any product you create, and I feel this is only the beginning for you with such awesome services provided.

    Sherman Peters
    Info Real Investors

    • Daniil

      Thanks for your compliments and confidence in us, Sherman! I’m sure even the free version of the software will prove very useful to you!

  62. diane dishaw

    this sounds really great! and I will be getting it.soon

  63. Esther

    I like the simplicity of the program, and clearly explained. Of course, I need to try this program first with my own samples, and see how close the samples are to the real cases. I welcome the cases. For a few times, we do need the cases for practicing. Thanks Daniil.
    Will upgrade in a months time when I get paid.

  64. I really like your valuator, you were very Informative with your Info ,

  65. Andrew H.

    I have a question: If you already enter the closing costs in the max offer then do you need to enter the closing costs in the purchase assumptions segment?

    • Daniil

      The Max Offer Calculator is a separate tool from everything else. None of the information you enter on that screen carries over. The Max Offer is just a quick tool to calculate a max offer and compare a few properties side by side. If you have further questions feel free to email us:

      Happy Holidays!

  66. Joe V

    Do you have an affiliate program or any reseller rights available?

  67. Antponette

    I am just getting started, and I love this tool will purchase the pro very soon, thank you for sharing.

  68. I enjoy, lead to I discovered just what I was looking for.
    You have ended my 4 day long hunt! God Bless you man.
    Have a nice day. Bye

  69. I enjoyed your explanation on how to use your program and feel it will take me far. I can’t wait to try the free version and hope this will give me enough information to go with the expanded version.

  70. I just finish some tutorials and this tool is a must for any wholeSaler or Rehab Guru.

  71. Michael W

    Hi Daniil, this is on the money, I can see the (silver lining) , my self must say this is the best I’ve seen yet. Now, it is really time for me and my associates to (start) making some real** money.. I got to be Honest about this: I’ve be working in on rehabbing some house for other people, not doing anything for myself; you have giving me a( Big Boost of energy) .. Starting tomorrow I have one of my
    investing assoc. coming over to go over investing, and I get a call for; my for a Flip and buy and hold,.. I got tell you, you’re the man, This is the best thing, I have seen yet.. and I am not looking no where else…

    I Michael W. G. just wanted to say thank you and your staff

    • Daniil

      Thanks, Michael! your compliments mean a lot. Glad you are starting to do deals for yourself rather than just rehabbing for others!

  72. Dean Cacciola

    What an awesome product, and to be soooo generous. I have made a lot of these forms myself and am quite good at them and when I saw these I was further impressed. You had the few important items that I was missing. I am so very happy that you shared that product with me. I will have no problem being a good customer of yours in the future, its obvious you have it together.

    Thanks…. Dean

    Again very impressed… I’ve been doing this since 1990

    • Daniil

      Glad to hear it Dean and thanks for your business!

  73. Hi, I have noticed that sometimes this website shows a 500 server error message. I figured that you would like to know. Thanks

    • Daniil

      Thanks Marks. We’ll look into it.

  74. Nini Apostol

    this is very good. Simple and user friendly. I like it.
    Thank you.

  75. Ronald Covert

    I’m looking at starting an investment business rehab in my area in Canada Ontario I’m sure this will help.

  76. RichardG

    Ok, I figured out what the problem was. I was using WindowsWorks and not Excel. I loaded Excel and now its working, thanks for the assistance.

    • Daniil

      Hi Richard,

      Glad to hear it! That would definitely be what the issue was. All of our programs require Microsoft Excel 2002 or newer to work properly (A paid/activated version not a trial or starter edition). Please let us know if you run into any other issues by emailing us: support [at]

  77. Thanks Daniil, once again your two tutorials is concise and to the point and easy to understand. Appreciate.

  78. Bob Whitney

    No sound. very didappointed

    • Daniil

      Hi Bob. We’re more than happy to help! I just checked and the sound on the videos is working fine. First off you need to make sure you’re getting sound on your computer form other things (Ex. Youtube, iTunes, Windows Media Player, etc.). If you’re not then you’ll need to trouble shoot that (Make sure speakers are plugged in, turned on, computer isn’t muted, etc.). The next thing I would try if it still isn’t working is to use a different web browser (Internet Explorer, Firefox, Google Chrome, etc.). If you still have trouble then I would update flash player which you can do here: Adobe Flash Player Download . Also, lastly and certainly not least, try a reboot and come back to the site. Let us know if you continue to have problems.

  79. steven

    i see evrything on the screen but it will not let me get to rehab budget sheet

    • Daniil

      Hi Steven. According to our records you’re just using the lite version. The detailed Rehab Budget screen you’re looking for is only available in the premium version. If you have any other question please feel free to email our support department.

  80. Daniil,
    Thanks for the software. It really helps out. My Partner likes it, my Realtor likes it and my Investors like it. The only problem that I have is when I go back in to it to change some values it says that it is locked and I can’t change them. I know it must be something simple but I am at a loss. Thanks for your help.

    • Daniil

      Hi Mike. My guess is that after printing you saved and now have multiple sheets selected (You can tell because selected tabs are highlighted white). When you have multiple sheets/tabs selected at once and try and make a change it tries to make the change on every selected sheet and gives an error message. If this is the case just right click on one of the highlighted tabs and select “ungroup sheets”. Another method is to just hit View Reports, Hide all, and then reopen the reports you want to edit. If that doesn’t fix your issues you can email our support department for further assistance.

  81. Very well put together. I hope the ‘lite’ program will work well enough for me to enable me to purchase the upgrade. Bring in the business…!

  82. Karen Turner

    Will this program work for wholesales?

    • Daniil


  83. this is a great program for a strategic presentation

  84. Betty

    This is all new to me and not clear to me yet.i am a brand new investor

    • Jacob

      Just let us know if you have any questions 🙂

  85. Scott

    After downloading and getting through the macro stuff. I’m finding I can’t change your main numbers in the cells. it says view only. How am I suppose to budget anything if I can’t delete your numbers and put my own in it?

    • Jacob

      Hi Scott,

      Please email us at if you’re still having trouble with this. The tutorials do walk you through how to input #’s correctly though so make sure and check those out.

  86. David

    I just purchased the RV Premium and very excited to get into it as I know from the introductions that it is a good package.
    But after saving the original I got this message
    “the document was saved successfully. but Excel cannot reopen it because of a sharing violation. please close the document and try to open it again”
    after I close it I cannot reopen it.
    can you please help me resolve this problem.
    thank you.

    • Daniil

      Hi David. I know we already helped you resolve this but for the benefit of everyone on the site I’ll reply anyway. If you see this error you need to contact us at This is caused by a Microsoft Update that creates some incompatibilities with some of our code. Don’t worry! We have a fix for it.

  87. Theo Brown

    This will make analyzing and making offers more positive and productive. I’m a first time investor this will be a valuable tooll in my business.

  88. Vince Stonesifer

    Good Stuff! Excited to work deals and present to my private lenders.

  89. Tanya samuels

    I am new the this business, i have not done a deal as yet but this is the second software i looked at and i will be using it. you have done a really good job, as soon as i start making money i will be getting the pro.

  90. Dear Sir,
    I know that I have asked this before, but I don’t seemed to have received a reply. I am going to sign up for the $ 97 material but I would still like to know how and where I go to get these lenders to fund my deals. Please reply Thank you Peter Denvers

  91. Glenda Dohm

    WOW so far so good I cannot wait until I get into this system and learn how to really make professional offers.

  92. Fred Walker

    Great product. This is an important part of getting a professional look on the services that we will be providing for our buyers. Keep up the good work…keep moving forward.

    Be blessed.

  93. gerard simon

    if I pay for this software what now and later I want downloaded in another computer. can I do that

    • Daniil

      Hi Gerard,

      Good question. The answer is yes you absolutely can. We allow you to activate up to 3 computers on 1 license as long as you’re the only user. In addition, if you have a computer you’re not going to use anymore you can always deactivate it. If you have additional questions please feel free to email us

  94. robert sparks

    i got the tutorials but not the valuator lite

    • Jacob

      Hi Robert,

      When you signed up you should have gotten an email with a link to download the lite version. If you need that again shoot me an email to and I’ll send that to you.

  95. Sherri W

    What about people with horrible credit

    • Jacob

      Hi Sherri,

      Having bad credit is always going to make things more difficult. However, it’s not impossible. Private lenders and or Joint Venture partners would be the way to go. Also, you can start out by wholesaling property which would hardly require any money to start doing and would allow you to build up some cash to do your own deal in the future.

  96. dennis hancock

    thank you for the tools they are great

  97. Al Swarts

    I’m one of your new premium customers and learning the functionality and getting use to your software. Very intuitive and going to use that for my first deal. So far … so good. Thanks Al

  98. Ruth Solberg

    I haven’t gotten into the software yet or the info on this page, but I have to say, looking down through the comments and questions, I am very impressed with the prompt and thorough answers to people’s questions.

    • Jacob

      Thanks Ruth 🙂

  99. Mohamed nur


    I just got the tutorial. I’m still learning it and thank you very much.

  100. Maria

    will this program be useful for Canadian properties or is it strictly for US properties?

    • Jacob

      Hi Maria,

      We do have a lot of Canadian customers. The one thing I will point out is that the interest calculations in Rehab Valuator are U.S. based. Some Canadian loans calculate interested differently. This usually means that in the U.S. you pay just a bit more in interest than in Canada. Something to keep in mind. Also the units of measure are U.S. as well.

  101. Maria

    Thank you Jacob

  102. I just finished listening to fix and flip in 15 minutes. Excellent!! It took me almost 2 hours because i kept stopping it to write everything down. I thought it was very thorough for the $ i spent on rehab valuator and this came with it. Very generous! Thank You! You seem down to earth and no BS. Totally love your style.

    Jerry B

  103. raphael washington

    i cant open the evalutor lite ,,,i have open office 3.1

    • Jacob

      Hi Raphael,

      Unfortunately it will not work with Open Office. You must have a genuine version of Microsoft Excel 2002 or newer for PC OR Excel 2011 or newer for Mac.

  104. Cathy

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  106. DonaldM

    Wow, this is by far the most awesome information I have seen in years. This information will allow me to present my reports in a professional manner. Thank You.

    • Daniil

      Exactly, Donald! Glad you realize the full power of the platform!

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    Tom Lawyer

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    Michael WG Sr.

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  110. donna

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    Just got the program I like what I have seen thus far. I would like to see a few more options with regards to exit strategies. Would suggest fix & flip and lease option strategies and a dedicated wholesale option where the options for assignment of contract transactional funding can be factored into the analysis. As I understand the program now this can not be done.
    Example: ARV 100K Under Contract for 40K repairs 20K funding cost 1500 assignment fee 10K. Not sure if this scenario can be run through the software, but as I stated I just got the program less then 24 hours ago so if I am wrong. Sorry!
    I like what I have seen to this point and I think it will work for me. if I close a deal in the 30 days I will buy the program so long as I can install it on all of my computers.

  112. Chris

    Hi Daniil,

    Your Software is AWESOME… Quick question, below you responded to a post about the latest release of Rehab Valuator Premium with the new marketing report for Comps and new Rehab Budgets. Since I am using the Mac version how do I get the latest version? Thanks

    • Jacob

      Hi Chris,

      Glad you’re enjoying the software. For Mac users they have to email us to get an updated or new file. However, since you purchased at the end of 2014 there haven’t been any major updates so you’re good 🙂

  113. Alan

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    A scripting framework error occurred while running the UNKNOWN script UNKNOWN

    Message incorrect format for Script URL

    • Jacob

      Hi Avril,

      Open Office will not work. You must have Microsoft Excel 2002 or newer for PC Or Excel 2011 or newer for Mac. If you have further questions please email us at

  115. alicia cole

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    Thank you very much for your concern. Blessings.

  116. Daniil I’m so Thankful that you have shared this powerful tool with us this is a life saver.

  117. Daniil

    Thanks Fatima!

  118. Christopher Gay

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    I need to know in the Assumptions Panel line 4 (Current AS-IS Market Value)

    I do not have this in my software. Can you help me with this?

    Thank you
    Christopher Gay

    • Jacob

      Hi Christopher,

      That is no longer in the program. That tutorial was done with an older version of the software. We removed that item because it was unnecessary.

  119. Dale

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    Really looking forward for the presentations this will create

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    • Jacob

      Hi Bill,

      The best way to get support is to email us at I have already opened a ticket for you and will email shortly so we can figure out the problem is and get you up and running.

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    • Jacob

      Hi Mark,

      Sorry you’re having trouble. The videos do appear to working great on this side. A few things you can try:

      1) Try a different web browser (Firefox, Google Chrome, or Internet Explorer)
      2) Do a reboot. Once rebooted open up the tutorial page on it’s own and leave everything else closed. See if that helps.
      3) Lastly, if you still have issues, it’s probably time ti reinstall Adobe Flash. If you don’t know how to do that email us at and I can give you some instruction.

  122. Hi Daniil:

    I have been using the RehabValuater and Rentalvaluater software for quite some time and I have been extremely happy with it. Today I am having a problem with the RehabValuater premium software when I go back to a previous proposal and change a purchase price or a sales price, the proposal does not update itself. For example if the present proposal shows a sales price of $100,000 and a net return of 22%, I can even put zero in the sales price area and the return still shows 22%. No matter what I plug in nothing changes. In the past if a client wanted me to change the anticipated purchase price or anticipated end sales price I simply changed those numbers and the proposal immediately updated the numbers. Now no matter what I do the original results remain the same. HELP (QUICK).

    • Jacob

      Hi Charles,

      Sorry you’re having trouble. Try this:

      1) At the top of Excel go to “Formulas”

      2) On the right, click on “Calculation Options”

      3) Make sure that it’s set to “Automatic Except for Tables” NOT “Manual”

      Now try updating some inputs and see if your numbers change. If not, please let me know by emailing us at


  123. Mark

    I think it would be great however when I download it it will never open the file I just get I can’t open file

    • Jacob

      Hi Mark,

      Our Excel based programs require Microsoft Excel 2002 or newer for PC. If you don’t have that then that is the issue. Either way, if you can email me at and give me some details about what the issue is I’m sure I can help. Good information to include is your version of Excel and any errors you’re getting. Please be as specific as possible as this will help us figure out the issue quickly.


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    • Daniil

      Thanks, Muzill! Glad you like it and we’ll look forward to signing you up as a client!

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    Thanks daniil, really great software.

  126. Ze

    Hello, How do I change my Contact Information’s?

    • Jacob


      You can send us an email to with the old email address and the new information you want to use.


  127. gloria littles

    As I review these awesome tutorials, I am wondering if I can practice inputting some live numbers just to get a feel for what I am going to be doing? I can get some numbers from wholesalers on-line to practice with.

    • Daniil

      You totally can, Gloria. That’s a good idea!

  128. Lorenzo R Lewis

    I can’t add my information into the tabs because it’s protected. How do I enter my deal info for the software?

    Lorenzo Lewis

    • JacobC

      Hi Lorenzo,

      Thanks for the question. The software is designed so that most inputs are centralized. For instance, when you open the program it asks for your contact info and the property info. That is the ONLY place you can fill out that information (even though it shows up on multiple reports). We do this so you don’t have to type the same thing in multiple times. I’ve already sent you an email concerning this issue. Please refer to that for additional information.

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    • Daniil

      Welcome aboard, Brenda!

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      Hi J.W.,

      We’re glad your enjoying the content and program so far. Please let us know if you have any questions.