LIVE Fast Track Replay for Wholesalers

Join us as we do a deep-dive training using the Rehab Valuator Premium software! This LIVE content-only webinar replay is specifically for those who are wholesaling or want to wholesale.
We'll start out with some basic navigation and then jump right into modeling a wholesale deal. Check it out and learn:

  • How to Instantly Pull Up Owner & Property Info for ANY House
  • How to Pull Comps to Calculate an ARV & Offer
  • How to Build your Cash Buyers' List
  • How to Sell your Deals Quickly
  • How to Evaluate Each Deal in Minutes to Ensure you're not Overpaying
  • Generate Repair Estimates Quickly with Built-In Cost Templates

This will be time very well spent if you're currently wholesaling or want to start! If you haven't already tried the Rehab Valuator Premium software, give it a shot for 14-days, ONLY $1!