LIVE Fast Track Replay for Rehabbing or Building Ground Up

Join us as we do a deep-dive training using the Rehab Valuator Premium software! This LIVE content-only webinar replay is specifically for those who are rehabbing or building ground up.

We do a quick intro and then jump right into modeling a deal. Check it out and learn:

  • How to Instantly Pull Up Owner & Property Info for ANY House
  • How to Pull Comps to Calculate an Accurate ARV & Offer
  • How to Create Instant Repair Estimates, Scopes of Work, Schedules
  • How to utilize the Rehab Valuator Premium Accounting Features
  • How to Generate Lender Presentations for all of Your Projects
  • How to Evaluate Each Deal in Minutes to Ensure you're not Overpaying

Whether brand new or a veteran to the Rehab Valuator software, this will be time very well spent if you're currently rehabbing, developing, or want to start! If you haven't already tried the Rehab Valuator Premium software, give it a shot for 14-days, ONLY $1!