Sell Your Wholesale Deals Quicker, for More Money, to Cash Buyers

Do you know how to quickly and effectively market your wholesale real estate deals to get them sold faster and for more money? Do you know how to effectively syndicate your deals to social media and blast them out to your buyers’ list? Watch this short video on marketing real estate deals to learn how to sell wholesale deals!

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Hey, Daniil Kleyman here, and today I’m going to talk about a very important topic. This is going to be a pretty short video, but one that you should definitely watch if you are looking to get into wholesaling or if you’re already wholesaling deals. And the topic I’m going to talk about today is your deal marketing. And if you’re like anybody that I come across in my daily endeavors, and I come across a lot of wholesalers either through our software business or because I buy a lot of deals from wholesalers right now. I’m buying a lot of land and a lot of rehab projects from wholesalers. And so I’m talking to a lot of wholesalers in my market. If you’re anything like most of the people I come across, and hopefully you’re not, but if you are, then your marketing probably sucks. And I’m here to fix it. And it’s very easy to fix it. But this is a very topic, because we’re going to talk about how to sell your deals and how not to sell them.

Lately, I’m seeing all of these marketing companies and all of these internet advertisements and videos that are being done with these fancy cartoon videos. You know, the really pretty cartoon videos that actually cost a lot of money to make, but they’re really attractive. And so today, I’m going to debut … I’m going to showcase one of those really fancy cartoon videos that I actually made myself. It’s taken me a long time, but this is something you should definitely watch, because you’re going to be totally blown away by the quality of my own professional grade cartoon video.

So why are we here? As a wholesaler, you’re undoubtedly going to make more money if you can get your deals in the hands of your buyers and of your buyers list quickly, as efficiently as possible. You put a deal under contract, you need to showcase it to all of your buyers immediately, or just the buyers on your VIP list that you want to see that deal. But you need to do this efficiently and quickly. And if you can concisely show your buyers the info that they need to make a decision, you’re going to spend less time going back and forth answering their questions, waiting for them to go look at the property. You’re going to close deals faster.

So I’m going to show you a better way to market to your existing cash buyer list, and then market on social media to build. Now this is important, so I hope you’re paying attention. I’m going to show you how the market on social media to build your list further and get your deals sold quicker. So again, I’m going to show you how to market to your existing cash buyer list and how to build that list further.

So bottom line, when everybody is zigging, you should be zagging to differentiate yourself and build credibility. There’s a lot of people wholesaling or trying to get into wholesaling right now. And if you are not known as the go-to guy, as the authority, as somebody that is credible, as somebody that has differentiated themselves, you’re going to lose out to your competition. So here’s how you do that. So now, let’s say you found a great deal and put it under contract. You put it under contract for 100,000 dollars. It requires $25,000 in renovations, 5,000 closing/holding costs, and then it will be worth $200,000 when it’s repaired. You want to make a $10,000 wholesaling fee, so to your buyer, this is a great deal at 70% of after repair value. So 100 plus 25 plus 5 plus 10 equals 140. 140 is 70% of $200,000. Right? So this is a great deal. Now you need to sell it quick, and you could be this guy, which is every wholesaler that ever contacts me. I promised you awesome cartoon graphics. Here you go.

So this I you, you’re the wholesaler, and here’s your cash buyer. And maybe you call them up, maybe you email them, maybe you send them a Facebook message and you say, “Hey, man. I’ve got this awesome deal for you to purchase.” And the cash buyer gets excited, because cash buyers, this is a market where deals are hard to find. So the cash buyer gets really excited and he says, “Oh, yeah? Tell me all about it.” And then you say something like this, “Well, it’s 521 East Main Street. I want $50,000. It’s a great deal. Go look at it and let me know ASAP.” And that’s it.

Now look, deals in most markets are pretty hard to find, so you may be able to get away with this kind of crap. Right? But this is really half-assed. So the cash buyer just kind of says, “Oh, okay. I have to drive out to this house. I have to try to get into it, figure out what the repairs are going to cost me, go research comparable sales.” The cash buyer has a lot of homework to do. And the good cash buyers, developers, rehabers, they’re busy.

So what if, instead, you could do something like this. This is the very simple input screen for inside the Rehab Valuator platform, and I’m going to, if you don’t have the software, I’m going to show you at the end of this video how to get completely free access to the lite version of the software. But all you do is you go in here and you put this deal under contract for $100,000, but you want to tack on a $10,000 wholesale fee. So you type in $110,000 here. We’ll change the closing cost to $3,000. This is how quickly you can do this. You update the rehab budget. We said $25,000. Correct? It’s an all cash deal. After repair value is $200,000. We’re going to assume it’s going to take three months to sell. So immediately, you see that the deal is at 70% of ARV. Here’s the projected profit from your buyer.

So here’s what you do. You click view report and you click marketing sheet for flip exit. And it generates this one page presentation for you. Now, you type in some notes. You type in project description. “Great flip potential on a desirable block. Needs HVAC, windows, flooring, baths.” Okay? All of these numbers are auto-generated for you. Uploading pics is incredibly easy. You just click here, click browse, and then just select the picture that you want to upload. It’s incredibly easy. All you do now, and that’s it. Your marketing flyer is created. This is what it looks like. You click show PDF and it generates a PDF flyer for you. And this is what it looks like.

You can print this out and you can take this to a meeting with your cash buyer. You can save this and email it as an attachment to your buyers list. Or here’s where it gets even cooler. You click Facebook and you post this deal immediately to Facebook. And whenever people click that link, they go specifically to the flyer that you want them to see. “Great deal. Call me ASAP.” Whatever. Right? You get the idea. It doesn’t matter what you type in here. You can post this to a Facebook group. You can post this to your Facebook profile. You can post this to your business page. You can immediately also post this on Twitter with the click of a button. LinkedIn and 289 other ways that you can share this on the internet, automatically. Or you simply click get unique link and it generates this link, and you can email this link to your buyers list. And when they go and click on that link, here’s what they’re going to see. Specifically, the marketing flyer that you want them to see.

And look, this marketing flyer shows your buyers exactly what they need to see. Here’s the purchase price. Here’s the projected repairs, projected holding/closing costs, total projected cost basis, 70% of after repair value. Here’s projected sales price, and here’s what they’re going to make. Here’s their profit and here’s their return on investment. All the information your buyers want to see. Or you go back to input, and you click view reports, and you hit full presentation for flip.

And now, if you want it to look extra cool, instead of a one page marketing flyer, you generate a five page presentation that looks like this. You’ve got the cover page. You’ve got the one page marketing flyer below it, a cash flow summary, comparable sales report. So up here you’re saying after repair value, this property when you renovate it will be worth $200,000, and here are some comparable sales to back that up, right here. And then an entire page with additional pictures. And same thing, you can simply click Facebook and post this five page presentation to Facebook. You can post it to Twitter, LinkedIn, social media. Click get unique link and email this specific presentation to anybody you want.

This software is completely web-based. You can access it from any device: cell phone, iPad, laptop, Mac, PC, doesn’t matter. And you can take this out in the field with you, and when you put the deal under contract you can immediately upload pictures from your cell phone and market this deal within minutes of putting this deal under contract. That’s how powerful this is. And all of your deals are stored centrally, here in the saved deals database. And when you’re inside the software we give you tutorials on every step of the way. You click the little video button, tutorial pops out. You get the idea. This makes marketing your deals and spreading the word about your deals as seamless as it can possibly get. And these presentations will make you look like a freaking rockstar. They’re going to save immense amounts of time for you and your wholesale buyers, and allow you to sell your deals quicker and for more money.

So instead of being the guy I showed you before, you’re now this awesome wholesaler that’s got this marketing engine that spits out professional grade marketing for your deals on autopilot, basically, with the click of a mouse. And so you hand or you email a one page marketing flyer like this or a five page presentation to your cash buyer that’s got all the information the cash buyer needs to see immediately, right there on one page. What’s the after repair value? What’s the repair estimate? Here’s some pictures. Here’s some comparable sales, et cetera, et cetera. And the cash buyer gets excited because he doesn’t have to leave his house anymore. He can make a decision and get back to you quickly, which lets you close this deal much quicker. So the cash buyer says, “Great. I’ll take it,” and hands you all this money, just a big fat stack of money immediately. That’s pretty cool, right?

Or you post this deal on Facebook or on LinkedIn or on social media, or you blast it out to your entire buyers list, and now you get a bidding war. And I don’t know why this guy right here has his arms crossed and is not bidding, because this is a great deal and he should be all over it. But everybody else, look at that. Everybody else is bidding on your deal. And you get your deal sold quicker, you look better in front of your buyers, you save them a lot of time, and at the end of the day, if you can get this information in front of more people that can make a decision, you’ll be able to sell your deals for more money, because you’re going to have multiple buyers compete for your deals. Pretty cool, right?

So if you don’t have the free version of the software, go to Rehab Valuator and sign up for your free account. It’s going to let you do a lot of what I just showed you. You can’t generate the marketing presentations with the free software, but you can generate a deal summary that you can use for marketing. And you can do all of the analysis absolutely free. Even the free version is totally incredibly powerful. But if you want the full marketing functionality, go to … Now, even with the free version, you get detailed tutorials, you get case studies and content on wholesaling, rehabbing, deal structuring and more. You get a ton of education and full support. But I strongly recommend you got to and sign up for Rehab Valuator Premium, because it lets you do all of the marketing that I just showed you with the click of a mouse, and it’s going to really, really help you make more money, save more time, and build more credibility in front of your buyers and people you do business with.

So I hope you’ve enjoyed this video. I’ve got more coming your way. In the meantime, if you did enjoy this video, please hit like below the video, leave a comment, and use the social media buttons to share with your friends on Facebook, Twitter, and anywhere else that you can. I would highly appreciate it, because we want to get this software into the hands of as many people as possible. All right? Thank you very much for watching.

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