How to Get Lenders to Say “YES!!”

Watch our video to learn how to get financing for your real estate investments. This is how you get any lender (whether it be hard money lender, private money lender, or even bank) to say “YES!” to your deal!

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Hey, Daniil Kleyman here, and I’m going to show you how to create an MBA level deal funding request in 30 seconds and get money for your real estate deals. Why is this so crucial? Well, when it comes to funding, nothing, absolutely nothing, matters more than credibility. People will only lend to you, whether it’s private lenders, hard money lenders, banks, they will only lend to you if they think you take this business seriously. Private lenders, hard money lenders, and even banks all want to see the same thing from you, full firm grasp of the deal and the numbers. So here’s what they don’t want to see: A 50 page business plan. Nobody is going to read that. Trust me. Irrelevant info about you or the deal that will clog up their time.

Here’s what they do want to see: Loan to value of the deal. What’s their risk? What’s your lender’s risk? Timeline of the deal. How long is it going to take to rehab and then sell or exit out of the financing, whatever your strategy is. What’s the collateral? What’s the current condition of the property? What’s the after repair value? What will the property be worth once it’s renovated, rehabbed, built, whatever? Whether you’re doing new construction or renovations, what is going to be the after repair value of the property once the work is done? Then proof of that after repair value, show them some comparable sales to back up your numbers. What are they going to earn by lending you? What’s in it for them? What’s in this deal specifically for them? Because that’s really what they care about. Also, optional but good, but show them a repair budget and pics of the property, so they can get a better feel for the deal.

I’m going to show you how to do all of this in just a few seconds, even if you’re brand new to real estate. So here’s how to give them all of this information and blow their socks off in the process and get your deals funded. When you open the Rehab Valuator software, this is the very simple input screen that you’re going to see. So let me show you how easy this to set up a deal funding proposal for your private money or hard money lenders. Let’s assume there is a house that you want to purchase for $100,000. It’s going to require $50,000 in renovations and you’re going to flip it for 225. You want to get 100% funding for this deal. You simply go here, you enter the purchase price, closing costs, holding costs. Your rehab budget here is already entered, but you can go in here and you can either select lump sum, or you can go in and select a detailed rehab budget if you want, and you can enter a detailed budget here.

We’re going to say it’s going to take you three months to renovate this property, and then in dropdown, instead of an all cash deal, we’ll select financing. We’re going to say your lender is going to cap a hundred percent of your cost of your entire project, and we actually even have an option here to roll in the holding and closing costs into the loan also. No points, and let’s offer your private money lender 8% interest rate. Then you simply go here, you’ve entered your after repair value. It’s going to take you three months to sell the house once the rehab is completed, and, boom, right here you’ve got your financial results. You know how much money you’re going to make on this flip, what your cash and cash return is going to be, and you’re done. You’re finished with your inputs.

From here, you simply click View Reports and you click Private Lender Funding Request With A Flip Exit, and the software automatically generates this one page deal funding proposal for you. All you need to do is just enter some notes here. Great deal in a very desirable area, average days on market equals 32, something like that. Just whatever the selling points of the deal are. All of the financial projections are automatically generated for you. You just enter a project description, any other notes you want to enter, and then upload pictures. This is how easy uploading pictures into the property flipping software is. You can simply go browse, double click the picture, and you can then enter captions here if you like, and you’re done. Now if you simply click Show Pdf, you have a one page deal funding proposal that you can blast out to your private money lenders, to your hard money lenders.

You can print this out, you can save it and send it as an attachment, and look, you’re showing your private lender exactly what they need to see. Here’s the after repair value, here’s what you will purchase the deal for, here’s the rehab cost projections, closing and holding costs, total amount of the loan needed, which is only 68% of the after repair value. So you’re showing them that the risk is relatively low compared to the collateral. Timeline of the deal, and you’re paying 8% interest, and then, boom, here you’re showing them exactly what they will earn to the penny from funding this deal and their rate of return. Instead of generating a pdf, you can simply click Get Unique Link, and it generates this unique link that you can simply email to your private lender or to your hard money lender. When they click that link, they’re going to go to the same deal funding requests.

Now we’re just getting started. You can alternatively click View Reports and click Full Presentation For Private Lender and generate a five page presentation that looks like this. Again, in a matter of minutes, you’ve got the cover page with your contact information and you can upload your company logo here. You’ve got the one page deal marketing and funding request here, that communicates all the major selling points of the deal to your lender. Cashflow summary, comparable sales report. So you’re telling your lender I can sell this deal for 225, here you can include some comps that show your lender that similar houses are selling at that price, and then additional pictures. Again, you can simply save this as a pdf and email this. You can print this or you can click Get Unique Link and simply email a link to this presentation to whoever you want.

Now the software has a lot of flexibility in the kind of financing that you can structure, so you can cap the loan based on after repair value instead of cost. You can include some points if you want to pay points, or if you’re dealing with a hard money lender, they’re probably going to charge you points, whether you want to pay points or not. You can select whether you want to pay interest up front or roll interest into the loan and paid off on the end. You can even include profit splits and equity sharing with your lenders, so here’s what that would look like.

Private Lender Funding Request With A Flip Exit, and you can do the same for rental deals by the way. So here, look, you’re showing your lender, I’m going to pay you 6.8% interest and then 25% profit split. Just as an example. I’m not saying this is what you should be paying people because it’s pretty expensive, but look, immediately you’re showing your lender, you’re going to earn this much off of interest, this much off of points, and this much off of profit split, you’re going to earn 33% on your money. This is pretty powerful. Even if you’re brand new in this business, you can generate this in a matter of minutes and look like you’ve been doing this business for a very long time. If your lender sees this type of presentation from you, they’re going to know you have a solid grasp on this business and on real estate and you’re going to be a lot more likely to get money for your deals.

Again, you can do the same thing for exit strategy two, which is hold and rent. You can structure financing in a lot of different ways. This is really powerful and, basically, it’s completely automated. As soon as these simple inputs are entered, everything else is auto generated for you. It’s push button funding presentations. So you may be asking, does this actually work? Well, gee, I don’t know. Here’s just a few testimonials from our thousands of clients. Tim Rogers said, “Hey, Daniil, just wanted to tell you that I used Rehab Valuator for private funding for the first time and got $91,000 to fund my deal. Your software has made me money with my wholesale deals. Now it looks like I will make money on the rehabs with the software as well.” Gary Wilson … These are just testimonials left on our Facebook page or YouTube channel.

Gary Wilson says, “I showcased this information to my first private money lender and he committed to two deals immediately. I looked like an expert on my first pitch. After playing with this info, I have gained momentum and since gotten two other private lenders. Where I was lacking in skill set for presentation that can be more happy about Rehab Valuator software allowing me to look professional and confident.” Brian Evans says, “Thank you, Daniil, for this amazing tool. This is the very best software I have had the privilege of using. I have software that I paid thousands of dollars for us from a so-called leader in the industry. The software is so complicated and over done that I have never once to be able to print out a report. Rehab Valuator Premium printed out my first report without a single problem. My private lender was so impressed he said yes to the deal without even going to the property, which he always had to do before investing. The software saves me time, money, and helps me look the part of a professional I’ve been trying to portray.”

On LinkedIn, Andrew said, “Just wanted to say thank you. Software rocks. Got my first deal. It’s amazing when you finally get a lender saying yes, we will fund 100% of your deal. Now rehabbing.” I have hundreds of testimonials like this because this real estate rehab software gets results. So here’s what I want you to do. Share this video on social media. I guarantee you, you know other real estate professionals that can really benefit from seeing this, and there should be buttons below this video whether you’re watching this on my site or on YouTube or somewhere else. Leave me a comment, leave me your questions, leave me your thoughts. What can we help you with? If you don’t have the free version of the software, go to and set up a free account. We have a free version of the house flipping software, no strings attached. It lets you do all the analysis.

It just doesn’t let you do all of the marketing and deal funding pitches that I showed you. Of course, if you already have the free software, then upgrade to Rehab Valuator Premium, and you’re going to get the full marketing and presentation capabilities I just showed you. If you’re watching this on my site, then you’re going to see buttons below this video where you can gain immediate access to the premium software. If you’re watching this on YouTube, go sign up for the free account first and get to know the free software. It’s going to make a massive, huge, powerful addition to your real estate arsenal. Nobody out there gives anything like this away for free. We provide full responsive support, even if you have the free version of our software. We will support you all the way. So take these steps and start raising money and building credibility properly in this business. That’s it. Thank you very much for watching.

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