How to Develop a Build-to-Rent Duplex

In-depth training video on developing rental duplexes ground up, including how to determine value of land, perform due diligence and line up financing!

Topics we cover in this training:

  • Why duplexes are better than single family rentals and will make you more $
  • The full development process outline for a build-to-rent duplex
  • 3 most important financial metrics when evaluating build to rent deals
  • The one factor in development you have most control over
  • Do deals still pencil out in today's market? I address that
  • The 8 Vital Steps to Deal Financial Analysis and figuring out the offer you must make for land!
  • Why I don't like 3 Bedroom units in my properties
  • How to figure out construction costs on your project
  • The concept of “Max Leverage” and why it's crucial to understand it in a shifting market
  • The smart “leverage levers” you can pull in order to be able to borrow more $ and need less cash!
  • Vital Due Diligence Steps you must take to protect yourself against buying land you can't develop
  • How to structure your financing (cash vs. construction)
  • Multiple creative options you can use if you lack cash
  • The BIG advantage to development vs. buying existing assets
  • And much more!

Analyze a Build-to-Rent Duplex

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How to Get Free Land!

Rehab Valuator how to get free land

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