Build-to-Rent Development Land Offers in 5 Easy Steps

Learn how to determine offers for any piece of land in your development biz plus get funding for all of your projects!

This training walks you through 5 easy steps on determining the value of vacant land for build-to-rent projects:

  • Density Study
  • Determine As-Built-Value of the Project
  • Back Out Desired “Sweat Equity”
  • Back Out Costs
  • Arrive at Max Land Purchase Price

We also dive deep into Step #2: Determine As Built Value of Development:

  • Determine Unit Mix
  • Determine Unit Size
  • Run Rental Comps and Build Pro-Forma
  • Calculate Annual NOI
  • Apply a Market Cap Rate to NOI to determine As Built Value

Watch the training to see all of this in action!

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