Real Estate Flipping Software Pricing

May 3, 2022 | Uncategorized | 0 comments

Regardless if you are just getting started in flipping houses or if you are a pro with years under your belt, our house flipping software program can benefit everyone in the field by freeing up time, helping you stay organized and helping you make the right decisions. This article is a simple guide to the basics of real estate investing software needs and the house flipping tools that we offer.

Free Software

Real estate investing software aimed toward flippers is highly analytical. Users input data such as purchase price, rehab costs, and improved value to analyze the financial potential of a deal before making a purchase.

At the bare minimum, using a free version of Rehab Valuators can help you avoid overpaying for a deal. By using the Max Offer Calculator, you can see what exactly you should pay. Never overpay for a real estate flipping deal again!

Another house flipping tool included for free is the Wholesale Deal Analysis, which saves you time by weeding out bad deals instantly. Other real estate analysis tools for free are the Rehab/Flip Deal Analysis and the Rehab/Hold Deal Analysis. These house-flipping tools help you see what you’ll make on any deal instantly and know if a deal will make for a solid flip or rental property.

Premium Real Estate Flipping Software

The more projects your business takes on, the more is expected of you, and the same holds true for your house flipping software program. As your business grows, it may be in your best interest to invest in a premium package to save you more time, stay organized with multiple project management and budget tools, as well as a need to create professional presentations.

An example of what’s included in a Premium package is the Detailed Rehab Budget Input. This tool helps you create detailed rehab budgets for your projects as well as detailed scope of work sheets to hand out to your contractors. You can also present detailed rehab budgets to buyers, partners and lenders. During each project, the program will track the changing data and adjust the outcome so that you, as a real estate investor, are always in tune with where your project stands now and where it will finish.

The other huge advantage of the Premium version of this house flipping software is its ability to create detailed, full-scale presentations for 1) Your wholesale buyers and 2) Lenders. With a push of a button, you can create compelling, effective presentations to either sell your deals or raise private money for your real estate projects. Sharing your deals is incredibly simple.  Either create a PDF presentation or use the “unique link” feature to instantly blast your presentation via email, text or social media to your target audience!


No business or task can be accomplished without the proper tools, and real estate flipping is no exception. Consider your business’s needs and what tools are needed to fulfill them. Regardless if you use the free house flipping software program or the paid version, it’s worth using. Explore what real estate flipping software package is right for you here: