Buy/Wholesale, Rehab, and Rent Deals

Buy/Wholesale, Rehab, and Rent Deals

This video is intended to cut the clutter and show you exactly what to do if you’re specifically going to wholesale a house or any other deal to someone who is going to buy, rehab and then rent it out for residual income. If you currently are wholesaling properties to cash buyers (or aspire to), you’ll see exactly how to calculate the right offer, figure in your assignment fee and then put together a powerful marketing flyer or a full presentation to blast out to your cash buyers.

If you don’t already have this property flipping software, there is a free version here or the Premium (which gives you the full marketing capabilities) here. For more on how to wholesale houses, visit our Wholesaling 101 Course. Also, a very detailed case study on wholesale investing in rental property, including terminology, math, and when to wholesale rentals vs. flips.

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