[Webinar Replay] Live Fast-Track Software Training Webinar: For Wholesalers, Rehabbers, and Builders!

Jump Start Your Learning Curve on Rehab Valuator and How to Use it To Do More Deals, Faster!

New (or newer) Investors.  Learn:

  • How to pull up Comparable Sales in seconds for any deal
  • How to Estimate After-Repair Value the right way
  • How to  Generate Accurate Offers to make sure you never overpay
  • How to Perform Deal Analysis like a seasoned pro (Wholesale, Fix/Flips, BRRRR and more)
  • How to Navigate the Rehab Valuator software (free and Premium version)
  • The basic metrics you need to understand in order to wholesale or buy your own deals
  • How to Build Your Buyers List and Sell Your Deals effectively if you want to wholesale

Experienced Investors.  Learn:

  • How to Raise Private Capital Effectively for your deals and attract money from lenders like you can only dream of
  • How to streamline all your rehabs and new construction projects in 2021 to make sure you are more efficient and more profitable!
  • How to use the Project Management Suite inside Rehab Valuator to save massive amounts of time on your projects!
  • Create Detailed Cost Templates, Cost Estimates, Track Your Projects Quickly, in Real Estate, Have Detailed Reporting on Budget vs. Actual, etc
  • And much much more!