4. Flyer (to hand out)

You’ve asked for it and we created it! Now you can simply print out this custom downloadable flyer and hand it out at your local networking events, REI meetings, trade shows, etc!

Rehab Valuator Flyer Template Instructions:

1) Download and save the Rehab Valuator Lite Flyer to your computer

2) Log into your Affiliate Resource Center, go to “Link Generator” and pull down the link titled Rehab Valuator (Use This to Promote Rehab Valuator!!)” .  It should look something like: “https://tvallc.isrefer.com/go/RehabLite/fbl/”

3) Use a URL shortener to “mask” this link. The URL Shortener video shows you what to do

4) Type your shortened link into the flyer template

5) Print out the flyers, hand them out, and watch your commissions pile up!!

free rei software flyer