2. Email Swipe Copy

Below is the email swipe copy you can download.

Be sure to match the correct swipe copy with the correct affiliate link in your Affiliate Resource Center Link Generator!

For a tutorial on how to generate your affiliate link, please watch the link generator video

Email Swipe Copy #1:  Free Software (Rehab Valuator Lite)  **THIS IS THE PREFERRED METHOD FOR PROMOTION!

Affiliate Link to Use:  In the Link Generator, it’s called “Rehab Valuator (Use This to Promote Rehab Valuator!!)”.  The link should direct to the Rehab Valuator Lite squeeze page (a page that requires name/email to get free software)

Notes:  This is the best promo of our real estate analysis software to run.  All you do is offer the free Rehab Valuator Lite software to your contacts.  Once they upgrade (either right away or down the road) you get paid!  It’s good to run the 4 emails below in the sequence in which we have them.  But it’s totally up to you how many emails you send and how many days you space them apart!

Click on the Icon Below To Download The 4-Day Email Swipe Copy File:

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