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IMPORTANT:  Tutorials here are for new Web-Based Rehab Valuator.  For Excel-Based Software, You Can Access Legacy Tutorials HERE

The video below is a brief overview of the Rehab Valuator software to get you started.  You can then select from the menu on the left to watch detailed tutorials on each part of the property investment software and other real estate investing videos.

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  1. This software is powerful. It adds professionalism and gives me a great sense of confidence.

  2. Jason Johnson

    This looks phenomenal and so much easier than the current software. Thanks Daniil!

  3. This is a great idea. Do you guys plan to add Google Maps and Property Valuation and Comp to this? Cause if you do, it will be awesome. Please tell Daniil, I think this will make his new software the state of arts software to have by all Investors, Real Estate Professionals, and even nubbies.

    Justice James Onah

    • Jacob

      Hi Justice,

      We have a lot of new features that are in the works and in development. Some things are easier than other. Maps integration for example is something we could possibly do. Property valuations and automatic comps are more difficult just because those really do require a human element to make them accurate. Thanks for the suggestions though. We’ll be working hard to bring new features like those to you soon 🙂

  4. Daniil,
    If I am seeing this right, does this new online version intergrate the additional functionality of Rentalvaluator into this new platform as well? Or will they continue to be 2 seperate software tools? This new software is excellent by the way. It’s so much cleaner and more user friendly I am loving it!

    • Daniil

      Hi William. The new web-version Exit 2 is different than before. We now made “Refi” optional. So you can model a deal that you buy, rehab, and rent. So it does have the same functionality that Rental Valuator does to a degree where it’ll show you your short-term metrics. But no projections out to 12+ years. We are in the process as of me writing this to build in an option for 0 rehab and 0 months to rent, meaning you can model and market deals that are already rented out. So if you’re marketing “turnkey rentals” for example or evaluating them, it’ll give you that ability.

      As for Rental Valuator, we may incorporate the full software into this platform later – but I’m not sure yet how that will look.

  5. steve dirks

    Just finished review of all the tutorials. I am really impressed and can’t wait to use this program on a 28,000 sf shopping center.

  6. Cathrine Francis

    I like this so far, will Commercial valuation be included. that will be great.

  7. Darella

    This software is going to be a game changer for my wholesale business. Bravo!

  8. Daniel, this is way better, good job and keep up the awesome work,I had so many issues with the exel version, im glad to see that you have this online version.
    Quick question, what about the people who have bought and paid for the premium version of the exel version, is there any way to maybe put the cost of the premium exel thats been paid for towards this online version.

    Just Asking, this is awesome, way better

    • Daniil

      Thanks, Lindsey! Stay tuned in the next few weeks – I will definitely have a very special deal for my current excel-based clients that will give you credit for what you already paid. This new online platform is going to continue getting better and better so it’s well worth the investment! I’m committing a lot of money to new development and improvements!

  9. I have access to the previous version of Rehab-valuator Premium. I was under the impression that any upgrades would be sent free of charge. Why is it that this upgrade does not include by current access to the premium service as noted. In order to access this better version I had to register as a new lite user or repay for the upgrade to the premium. It seems that even though this is an excellent upgrade, it is still an upgrade from the previous premium service..

    • JacobC

      Hi Raoul,

      Rehab Valuator Online is something completely new. You can keep using the Excel based version of Rehab Valuator no problem. However, people that wish to use to the online version will have to pay a subscription. The immense cost that has gone into developing the online version, testing it, maintaining servers for it, etc. made it impossible for us to just give it to previous license holders of the Excel based version. However, with that being said, we’re very confident that people who are serious about Rehab & Flips or Holds will quickly realize the immense value of the new platform. We’re also already developing new features for it as well. If you have further questions please email us at

  10. Terry Teague

    Getting back into Real Estate and Development for the 1st time in 20 years. This help to organize you my company and I. I love this software . Where was you 25 years ago when I was doing flips.

  11. Mike R.


    I am totally geeked about your “Premium” version of Rehab Valuator. However, it sickens me that I am unable to purchase the year version at this time. Rest assure I will be soon in the coming new year..

    Keep up the good work!

  12. Michael

    I’m just tuning in to this process and am learning quite alot. I’m reviewing the software analysis tools and look forward to using them on actual deals and buying the full version to have access to the publishing tools for marketing deals. Where can I go to learn about finding
    G potential deals and how to pursue them?

  13. I’m really nervous bout believing into everything but hopefully the right people are out there to guide me. thanks for the opportunity

  14. Benjamin Cook

    Power Real Estate Investments Group, LLC.

    The software is excellent Thank You

  15. Mary Warren

    Great information I’m sure I would enjoy it and get a learn a lot from it Thanks


    how do i find the homes to post for lenders and buyers abroad

  17. Look forward to my lifetime subscription and all the additional material that is provided.

  18. Jimmy Gaughan

    I saw in your video you offered a JV contract, where can I find that?

  19. Carlos E. Rojas

    The software is great and very useful.I started to apply it on new deal that I am reviewing in Coconut Grove FL.
    We are working on new construction deals in South Florida, Salt Lake City UT and San Diego Ca. and will use it to do my calculations.
    I am looking forward to presenting the package to private lender next week.

    You Rock,

  20. Sharon E. Tinnin

    I just finished watching your youtube tutorial. … WOW!!!
    I’m a Realtor. … just finished Broker school. … ad I don’t know a thing!

    Anyway… I want the deluxe version but don’t trust putting my info online. I’ve been hacked a couple of timed. I will call
    Thank you,


  21. sharon kelley

    this video cannot be heard or seen after 5 sec

    • JacobC

      Hi Sharon,

      We have people going through that video many times a day. I haven’t had any other reports of issues which would suggest that it’s something with your system. I would try a reboot of your system and then watch it with nothing else open. If that still doesn’t work you can email me at so I can assist you further.

  22. Dwayne corley

    Very clear and useful

  23. This tool appears to be quite versatile. Calculating offers, compiling professional reports that can be submitted to prospective lenders and other industry peers. I’m impressed.!!!

  24. I just signed up for this and i believe it is what i am looking for, will let you know, thank you

  25. Thank you I am going to really learn this program and use it.

  26. Don Crossland

    This IS Terrific!!! Now have the ability for professional reports in minutes for private lenders. Over 300 ways to digitally market these reports. Quick offer calculator allows you to adjust for each property the taxes, insurance, closing costs, even an other tab for cost of money or whatever. Truly A Game-Changer!!! Wish I got this earlier!!!

  27. Reynold Dueck

    Sounds Great… can’t hardly wait to get my feet wet.. Thanks Daniil…

  28. Hi Daniil man you are a GOD SEND for us wholesalers man thank you for your Blessing sincerely JJ you are so great wow wow wow .

    • Daniil

      My pleasure, Jose!!

  29. No sounds playing on anything. I even loaded the suggested apple player.
    Site wont open my profile to load my information. If I can get it to work, it will
    be wonderful.

    • JacobC

      Hi Melynda,

      Those videos are definitely working. I just tested them out myself and we’ve had multiple customers accessing them. I would try a few things:

      1) Is sound working for other things? A good place to check is Youtube. Can you hear sound there? That’s a good way to help you narrow down the cause.
      2) Make sure your computer volume is turned up AND your speakers are turned up and plugged in.
      3) If you still can’t get it working try a reboot
      4) If you continue to have trouble try a different web browser

      If you still can’t get it email us at

  30. Matthew Moreau

    How do I create a flip request presentation with myself paying for all rehab costs and the lender covering 100% of the purchase price?

    • Daniil

      HI Matthew. I think we resolved this via email yesterday but if you still have questions/issues, please email me back. Thanks!

  31. Ola

    WOW The software is excellent with very powerful information. THANK YOU.

  32. Ola Adedeji

    WOW The software is excellent and with very powerful information. THANK YOU.

  33. Valerie

    I cannot see the above video words tiny and light.

  34. Virginia J Johnson

    I was so frustrated, but I knew I could do this with the right tools and information. This software has lifted my confidence and given me more power to move forward on some of the properties I wasn’t sure about. Thank you so much. You just don’t realize what a great service you are doing for your fellow Investor’s and our quest to succeed in this business.
    This is truly AWESOME, it also gives you added time to spend on the rest of the legwork.

    • Daniil

      You’re welcome, Virginia! Glad we are able to help you with your real estate business. Love hearing testimonials like that!

  35. peter

    Complete and valid program easy to understand and use.


  36. Jack Anderson

    I appreciate your followup; I have a lot of info to process and will have a lot of questions soon!

  37. Richard Balsam

    I recently upgraded to Premium- and still “practicing” to get a better feel for the software.I have two questions based on what I see. Perhaps it’s better to discuss on the phone- but here goes:

    1. When I entered numbers for a project I was considering, I tried to publish the report – but the screen just stayed there- as if frozen. The only thing I did not do was add a picture of the property. So- I clicked “attach file” and selected any picture I had. Once the picture showed on the page- I was able to select publish- and selected a report. Is there a reason why I must add a picture of a property I am considering? In this case- I did not go the the house yet- so a picture was not available, I was using the numbers to see if it was worth my time to visit it.

    2. When playing with the numbers, I added a financing cost of 5%. In my case- it’s interest only. Not sure if your calculation is for interest only- or amortizing + interest over 30 years, etc. When I published a “Marketing Sheet (Hold) – one of the categories is for ‘total financing costs”. The number it provided does not match my number – it shows a 5.4% total cost – which, in my example, is $470 off. Does this number also add another finance cost in addition to the interest rate- such as amortizing too- and this is why the number is off? The $470 is over 4 months I believe in my example. No big deal- just playing with numbers to see where everything appears.


    • JacobC

      Hi Richard,

      1) Publishing a deal is ONLY for publishing to the Find Deals area inside of Rehab Valuator. You should not be publishing deals just to check out numbers. Publishing a Deal is when you’re wholesaling a property and it’s ready for cash buyers to purchase from you. A picture as well as your contact info and a couple of other things is required to publish a deal.

      2) Under step (3) financing that is interest only financing. However, there are a LOT of settings that go into calculating your financing costs. Are you including holding/costs in the loan? Are you taking the Rehab money at closing or in draws? If in draws what months are your draws paid? Do you have points? Are you making interest payments? What percentage of your deal is financed? Are you basing it on ARV or Cost? All of those things will impact that result.

      If you have further questions please email support directly at with some of the details you need clarified.

  38. Yvonne

    Gret tool! Just need to use it a few times to get the complete handle.
    It Saves time

  39. Deborah

    I am glad I got premium. Seems you have a lot more to offer to me for only 30.00 a month and it makes it so much easier to see the strategies you can use and combinations of which can make money for even beginners like myself.

  40. Your instructions are so much easier than other I’ve seen. I like the way you work at a slower pace and it’s great I can continue to go back to make sure I’m doing it the right way. Thank you for your help and leading me along.

    • JacobC

      Hi Becca,

      You’re welcome! Please let us know if you have any questions.

  41. What do I do if I want to just assign the property?

    • Stefanie K

      Hi Becca! Good question. You simply need to use an assignment contract. If you are a premium subscriber you can find a sample assignment contract under the bonus section. Bonuses are under “My Resources” when you login to Rehab Valuator.

  42. Ivan Nedd

    Hi Daniil,
    my name is Ivan, and I am a newbie. Your software is great, and amazing, and I am trying to get a full grasp in fully utilizing its usefulness and benefits. So, I will be depending on the walk through so that I can get a hands on idea and a step by step understanding as to how I can benefit from using such a great software.. Thank you.

    • StefanieK

      Thank you Ivan! We look forward to having you. Jacob is a great teacher. Enjoy your walk through.

  43. Bryan Stallworth

    Thanks again Daniil for the Premium Rehab Valuator. It’s great and easily detailed to learn.

    Daniil, I have a suggestion for your premium members and your company that would better expose them, your software and services.

    Make a website where our deals can be posted privately, separately from all social media and where your company can make more money besides from the Rehab Valuator.

    Set up a link that can be used by your members. They in turn post the deals on your website and buyers can pay for a day pass, monthly, quarterly or annual access. This will show the deals are OFF MARKET, in thus, will be very favorable to any buyer.

    Now members can use the link only on social media platforms which directly sends buyers to your website. Just as an introductory offer, you can give them a free “browse” excluding all information to the property.

    Also on your site you can have tabs that direct anyone to your products, services and deals posted. It is similar to Zillow or even Loopnet. The main issue with these sites is that they are ON THE MARKET PROPERTIES.

    For buyers and visitors to your site you can introduce your Premium Package of REHAB VALUATOR along with other webinars, tutorials, etc.

    Most of all, Premium Members must make sure they are posting a deal that is off market. They can simply Google the property if it has been posted. If so, then the member/s/ should convince the seller to take it off market to improve their chances for the sale. This is where suggestive selling comes into play.

    You can also have a locator for sellers looking for assistance to sell their property. Make it exclusively for them where they can locate one of your premium members in their state and/or area. This would be the only way for the seller to profile their property on your site.

    I have way more ideas like this for your company, but I think this is a sure fire way to fully expose your company.

    This is my way of saying thank you for the Premium Rehab Valuator!

    You already have my info if you need further suggestions on this site or other ideas I mentioned above.

    Thanks again.


  44. Dawn Casey

    how do I know if a home in or after foreclosure has a clear and marketable title?? any shortcuts??

    • Admin Admin

      Dawn – that’s what title searches are for. Any competent attorney or title company can do this for you prior to closing.

  45. Ray

    Great Tutorials, very complete.!!

    • JacobC

      Thanks Ray!

  46. I am impress! I wish I knew about this before…thank you so much!

  47. Dan Harland

    Looks great

  48. Anthony


  49. Dorothy Dinh

    Please help me step by step….

    • JacobC

      Hi Dorothy,

      Our tutorials and guides will take you through how to use our program step-by-step. If you have specific questions please email us at Also, if you need it, we offer a 30-minute walkthrough of Rehab Valuator for $49. We take you through all the major features, resources, how to start a deal, create reports, etc. You can also email us if you would like to set that up.

  50. Chane Mueller

    I’m certainly going to enjoy your software I previously spend thousands of dollars with a different company I did not get near training or the product that you are offering here at the great price you have offered I’ve been well over a year now I have recently become a private money broker but that was due to the company that I purchased my real estate investment education from but the resources that you offer is great I would have had to spend thousands more for this software I think I will have a better opportunity now to fulfill my dream and real estate investment for fixing and flipping homes I have Ben in the Home Building business sis 2000 and have built over 800 homes around the Masters in Augusta as a superintendent and general contractor but I believe this will help me on my new adventures in real estate investment I thank is it a great software and if you have anything that can help me along the way with my lending business I am a private money lender and the owner of Northstar Capital Lending newly in buisness thank you

  51. Warren

    This software is what I am looking for. I am hoping to learn as much as possible to move forward with my investments. Thank you!

    • JacobC


  52. Maria

    Good morning,

    Why can’t I download the software so I can utilize it. Why must I go through your company to process my deals? I thought the software was ‘free’?

    • JacobC

      Hi again Maria,

      There is a 100% free version of the software but it is cloud-based meaning it’s online only and you have to use a web browser and log in. Just like any online application such as your email, online banking, etc.

  53. Maria

    Good morning,

    What if I would like to wholesale a property and not do the renovation myself? Does this system allow me to do this kind of deals? This would mean I would make an offer to the owner once the owner accepts my offer, I find a buyer who will purchase the property as is and would do the necessary renovations before putting the property on the market for sale. I may already have a buyer just want to be able to put the seller under contract.


    • JacobC

      Hi Maria,

      That is the typical way a property is wholesaled. A wholesaler is usually not doing any work to the house. They simply put it under contract and sell the contract.

  54. Noah Savage

    This is a great tool. Definitely a must have if you want to save time and streamline your projects.

    • JacobC

      Thanks Noah! Glad you’re loving it.

  55. Daniel Blackford

    I’m excited to get started!

  56. Thank you! I really like this software. The videos are very helpful and I appreciate that we can review the videos and software at any time.

    • JacobC

      Glad you’re liking it! If you have any questions let us know.

  57. Of your system and its work very good my problem is how can I get asset-based lender to fund my deal for 6 months it’s a bridge deal thank you

    • JacobC

      Hi Lloyd,

      You can start by creating the analysis and presentation inside of Rehab Valuator. That way you have something very professional to put in front of your potential lenders. As far as finding lenders you can try using the Get Funded button inside Rehab Valuator. It’s not guaranteed funding but we have some good success stories from customers using that. Also, don’t discount private lenders in your local area. Armed with a good presentation and a good return for your lender it shouldn’t be too hard to get someone to bite.

  58. Hello for some reason my bonus opened one time and it won’t open can you please provide me with now please proved me another link to how estimate rehab cost to make offers
    thank you very much

    • JacobC

      Hi Mr. Taylor,

      For premium users you can always find the bonuses by logging into Rehab Valuator, going to My Resources, and the Premium Bonuses are the last thing in that drop down list.

  59. this system awesome

    • Daniil Kleyman

      Thanks, Eugene! Glad you think so! 🙂

  60. Brenda L Keys

    Good morning,

    I am a newbie in real estate. I will start with wholesaling FSBO houses then transition into rehabbing. I found twenty-one FSBO houses within the state I live. Right now, I am doing research on YouTube to get my presentation together for the seller. Also, searching for the right questions to ask when I contact the seller.

    In the meantime, I am reviewing the videos you sent. However, If there is any information you can share so I can get this venture underway will be much appreciated. I look forward to using the Rehab Valuator.


    Brenda Keys

  61. Denise Santana

    For the first time tangible information that someone can use. You have provided the information and tools and its now up to use apply, take action, Do It….thank you.

    • Daniil Kleyman

      That’s what I like to hear 🙂

  62. I’m very excited to use this software and about the inner circle!

    • Dylan Hampson

      Hi Brooke!

      We are happy to have you!

  63. ANA

    love it, thanks

    • Dylan Hampson


  64. Denise

    Thank you this information is very helpful.

    • Dylan Hampson

      Hi Denise,

      Great! Please reach out if you need anything!

  65. James Dees

    Excellent software, extremely powerful for beginners to professionals, uploads to Excel.
    Needs to add Zillow, google map and download county data base.

  66. SherDedrick Bullitts

    Hey is this software better than the fortune Builders program? You

    • Dylan Hampson

      Hi there,

      Thanks for reaching out! I really don’t know much about Fortune builders. I can say that we are one of the most affordable real estate softwares out there and our customers love us!


  67. Scott Sklare

    I am super excited!

    • Dylan Hampson

      We are excited to have you! Please reach out if you need anything!

  68. Thanks, for another opportunity to be a part of the class and how this software is very easy program and understand, but it’s one thing I would want to know in getting these deals under contract what is the timeline like in contracting the property and the actual Funds is needed to complete the transaction?

    • Dylan Hampson

      Hi Sandra,

      Thanks for reaching out! Every deal really is different. I couldn’t give you a specific number of months or anything like that. It all depends on the specific property and where you are located. Please reach out if you have any other questions.


  69. looks like a great software. i have more than one project going at a time and this looks like it will make it simple to do..i can’t wait to get it started

    • Daniil Kleyman

      Absolutely! Rehab Valuator lets you store all your deals in one place and access them from anywhere or from any device!

  70. william lion

    can this be used for foreclosure or r.e.o propertys

    • Dylan Hampson

      Hi William,

      We have sent you a private email for further assistance!


  71. Michael F. Morrison

    Thank you, Daniil, for all of the content you are providing us.

    I was wondering about inserting a “Notes/Comments” section after the list of Contractors, Sub-Contractors, and various business whom you pay on each project on your Project Management Template?

    That way we can comment regarding the type of job they do; the way they negotiate; length of time they have worked for us;….

    What do you think?



    • Dylan Hampson

      Hi Michael,

      Thanks for your suggestions. There is a way to do exactly what you are referencing in the software. I will send you a personal email with more instructions.


  72. I am trying to schedule a phone appointment with you, but your software doesn’t recognize my phone number. My cell number in Taiwan is 886 0918597699. I would really like to talk to you about having an MBE located here in Taiwan.

    • Dylan Hampson

      Hi there,

      I will try giving you a call today!


  73. James

    Hi – I upgraded to the premium software today but I do not have access to any of the marketing materials.


    • Ray Bahng

      Hi James! It looks like you are all set! Let us know if there is anything else we can assist you with in the future by messaging us at

  74. Jonnabel Boncacas

    these tutorials, new web-based Rehab Valuator it’s very helpful

    • Daniil Kleyman

      Glad to hear it! Thanks for your feedback!

  75. Mike Ruddy

    Is there a tutorial that shows how to calc IRR ?


    • Daniil Kleyman

      We don’t have one specifically on that calculation but it’s something you can easily google. It’s a metric used across almost every investment asset class and is widely talked about.

  76. gloria littles

    Daniil…..your rehabvaluator is so awesome and i don’t even know how to use it yet….lol!!! it is so detailed and professional.!!! WOW!! I am so glad to be a part of this.

    Yes, I am feeling intimidated by it all right now, but i know that the more i get into it and use it, the better it will be.

    thank you for all of it. this is genius!

  77. bill

    Looks user friendly

  78. José pena Cepeda


  79. Jay Watkins

    Going to eventually purchase premium want to start here am a real estate brroker. Love what I see that it can do.

  80. Thank you for the free copy. I will check it out.

  81. Ronnie Myers

    excellent Presentation. Accolades to you on such outstanding work. I am looking forward to a long training support that will be of mutual benefits in this field of endeavor. Well done

    • Daniil Kleyman

      Appreciate your compliments, Ronnie and thanks for being a client!

  82. Well thank you very much..If it wasn’t for your persistence, I would’t have it..

  83. looks good going to try it out

    • Ray Bahng

      Go for it!

  84. Grace Williams

    I am very excited about this program and very happy I have a lot to absorb but every thing would be fine thank you very much I have to do my website very soon

    • Ray Bahng

      Sounds awesome Grace!

  85. Kadeem Williams

    Great software looking forward to having a very successful journey

    • Ray Bahng

      Thanks Kadeem! We have only the best wishes for you – let’s succeed together!

  86. As a real estate investor, architect and contractor, this is the most comprehensive software I have come across. Everything in one place and many options to build my business.
    Can’t wait to start a New Deal!

    • Ray Bahng

      Thanks so much for the compliments Robert!

  87. Great software

    • Rafael Diaz

      Hi Fraklin. Thanks again for letting us know how much you enjoy the software. We appreciate your feedback.

  88. Just starting to get back into the business and this is a great tool to restart my real estate purchases and keep an orderly log as well as all the valuable info to keep all costs in front of me with your great application. Will keep in touch as my progress. Thanks Bunches, Artie L Pence

    • Ray Bahng

      Glad to hear it Artie. Let us know if you need any further assistance with the software.

  89. Jeffery Johnson

    Great information. Question. Do I need anything else other than the purchase contract and the assignment contract. Do I need to pay for anything to check if there is any liens on the property. Is there any other payments that I as a wholesaler have to make.

    • Ray Bahng

      Hi Jeff! Thanks for the compliments! We recommend that you check with your local REIA for any guidelines/checklists that they recommend for you as a budding wholesaler. Since we are software support (and not qualified as mentors) we recommend that you get in contact with your local REIA, real estate attorney, title company, etc. and get the right information from them. That said, you may need to pay particular attention to your contracts, ensuring signatures/initials, dates, EMD (if applicable), closing documents, get in contact with a title company to execute agreements, verify funds, and potentially attend the closing and/or coordinate signing/closing. Make sure you check out the wholesaling 101 guide on our site as well!

  90. I joined How do I get access to my account

    • Ray Bahng

      Hi Richard – it looks like you already spoke with us at customer support and received your login info (we see a read receipt). Did you need any further help? We’ll send you another message now!

  91. Karen Pietsch

    Hi there. Just watched your first of many tutorials for your products, the introductory tutorial. I’m in a first year price of $197 so I guess I’m not a free but I’m not premium member either. 🙂

    My question to you is, you mention that you export your reports to an “excel” spreadsheet, which I love cuz I’m a big Excel user. However, my operating system if Linux Ubuntue 18.04 and I have to use the spreadsheet given in the Libre line of products. I believe it’s called “Libre Calc”.

    Do you give an option of a name to save your export files under that would enable me to “label” it with a .xls or .xlsx suffix since I don’t have Excel to speak of. I do have the availability of saving files with these suffixes but I need to know if your system will allow me to do so or do I have to use the “Excel” functioning?


    • Rafael Diaz

      Hi Karen,

      Thanks for reaching out to Rehab Valuator. Unfortunately, I have not used the Linux operating system and do not have access to the system so I cannot confirm that our system will allow you to do that. The best suggestion I have is to go ahead and test it out and let us know if it works.


  92. Nyra

    This is my first time! Going to take a look now! Thanks for the invite greatly appreciated!

  93. Hydie

    This looks so great and will definitely help with jump-starting my wholesaling/ rehabbing business; and will definitely purchase the full program once I get my first deal closed.

    • Rafael Diaz

      Hi Hydie.

      Glad to hear you like the software. Good look with your deals!