How to Go From Lead to Contract in Minutes!

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In a hot market, you need to be able to act quickly!  If you waste hours asking other people (real estate agents, investors) for comparable sales or trying to figure out the right offer, you'll lose out on the deal, period.  With Rehab Valuator you can now go from a "lead" to "offer & contract" in just minutes!  All the info about the seller and the property is there with a push of a button. One more push of a button gives you valid, recent, nationwide comparable sales.  Then simply use the dynamic Max Offer Calculator to arrive at the right offer to make to the seller!

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  • Max Offer Calculator: Know what to pay instantly for every deal and never overpay again!
  • Deal Analysis for Wholesalers: Save time, weed out bad deals instantly and price deals correctly for your buyers!
  • Deal Analysis for Rehab/Flip: Know what you’ll make on a flip instantly, evaluate different financing options, and make smarter decisions, quicker!
  • Deal Analysis for Rehab/Rent: Know if a deal will make for a good rental in minutes!
  • Deal Analysis for BRRRR: Easily analyze any Buy-Rehab-Rent-Refi-Repeat deal in seconds!
  • Deal Analysis for New Development: Analyze new construction flips, as well as Commercial Development!
  • Detailed Scope Of Work Sheets for Contractors: Create, print, and email detailed scope of work sheets to contractors, then enter bids as you get them.
  • Mini-Accounting System for Each Project: Get rid of costly bookkeepers and track every penny inside the software in seconds!
  • 3 New Project Management Reports: Dynamic, Real Time Reporting for your internal team, partners, and lenders
  • Additional Bonus Package ($1,000 + value)
  • Detailed Video Tutorials
  • 1-page Deal Marketing Flyers for Wholesalers: Generate and blast out professional looking deal flyers to your buyers. Sell your deals quicker and for more $$$!
  • Full Sales Presentations for Wholesalers: Instantly build credibility with buyers, even if you’re new, by presenting all relevant information about your deal in one place!
  • 1-page $-Getting Funding Proposals: Send to lenders, and get your deals funded! Show your lenders “what’s in it for them”!
  • Full $-Getting Funding Presentations: Build rock-solid credibility with lenders. Full funding proposal for your deal created in minutes!
  • Ability to Post and Sell Your Deals on Our Site: Use in your business instead of paying lawyers thousands of dollars to create from scratch!
  • Dynamic Rehab & New Construction Budgets: Estimate Costs Easily and Save Hundreds of Hours of Time!
  • Full Project Management Functionality: Manage Your Rehabs and New Construction Projects with Ease, Start to Finish!
  • Track Actual vs. Budget in Real Time: Know where your project stands in real time. Track how much is left to pay for any item or to a contractor. Always know whether you’re on budget, under or over!Great for end of project reporting also!
  • Comparable Sales Data: Get Accurate Comparable Sales Nationwide to Determine ARV and Offers!
  • Unlimited, Responsive, Customer Support (phone and email)
  • Access to Ongoing Real Estate Education


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2 responses to “[Demo] Lead to Contract in Minutes!”

  1. Fred Haidalis says:

    Very good product, I live in Montreal Canada, a lot of your features such as importing etc… would not work. Is that correct?

    • Daniil Kleyman says:

      Hi Fred. Our software is used by a lot of Canadian investors but the data portion is for US only unfortunately.

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