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Cloning Deals -

Learn how to clone deals for your real estate marketing presentation. This feature is designed to feed the information to your reports, helping you save time. Additionally, it allows you to adjust numbers without affecting your other presentations and reports.

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  1. Glenn E. Fleming

    Thanks, Daniil! This makes the software even more convenient with the “clone” feature!

    Happy Holidays and safe travels.


  2. Antonio

    What’s the best way to present a package deal for maybe like five properties of more!

    • JacobC

      Hi Antonio,

      Rehab Valuator does not have a portfolio option at this time. You can either analyze each property individually and then make a portfolio summary page on your own OR you can combine the properties and analyze them as a whole.

  3. Terry

    Great Feature Daniel

  4. Amber Tucker

    I use multiple lenders on some deals to keep my money out. Hard money for the property and private for the rehab portion. The two amounts are very different terms. Is there going to be an option for two financing strategies at the same time on the left side? Or a way to do that?

    • Rafael Diaz


      Thank you for commenting. If you clone your deal you will be able to set up two different (separate) financing scenarios for the same deal.

      If you need assistance with setting up your cloned financing scenario you can call us at 804-803-1110 or email us at