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  • 9. Searching for Deals and Publishing Your Deals on Site -

    With this new part of Rehab Valuator, you can now find and publish your off-market deals for thousands of Rehab Valuator users and cash buyers all over the country to view and bid on!!

    Note:  Lite (free users) can search for off market real estate deals.  Premium users can search AND post their own deals to get them sold!

    To log into your Lite or Premium account, click here

    If you don’t have Premium access yet, you can try it for just $1 for 14 days here

    Or take advantage of the HUGE discount and get Premium for just $397/year here (save 32% over monthly!)

    Comments (42 comments so far)

    1. Daniil what would be a “killer” partnership is if your team could negotiate to include the National Construction Estimator series in the detailed bid option. Chk out construction estimator app that Apple uses in conjunction with the above references. Craftsman Books is the producer of detailed books for every conceivable form/phase of construction (residential/commercial). You just keep “tweeking” the software ever closer to perfect! Great job.

      Two Blue Horses Building and Design, LLC
      520-253-5267 (o)
      520-399-5683 (f)

      • Daniil

        Appreciate the suggestion! I’ll definitely look into it!

    2. Lloyd

      I love this new program Thanks Daniil

    3. Nader Boctor

      Great option
      I really like the idea and soon I will use it

    4. Elieser Laguerre

      Hi, I’m a premium member and I’m constantly having to manually create and upload ads on craigslist and other sites since you’ve added a publishing feature can you please design the feature so that it can automatically publish the deals along with the marketing presentations that you create/post to multiple social platforms like Craigslist, etc instead of having to copy and paste the generated links to your posts(inconvenient) for them to then copy and paste into their web browser(even more inconvenient)? because I’ve noticed that every time I create a marketing ad for one of my wholesale properties and specifically tell them to copy and paste the link to their web browser to see the full report they still don’t do it. instead, they call me and start asking about all of the information I already placed in the presentation and when I ask if they copied and pasted the link so said no with a tone that also communicates the same way I feel about having to copy and paste the links myself. it’s inconvenient…people just want to be able to click on link or post of a deal and for everything to just automatically pop up. so can you guys please make this happen?

      • Daniil

        Unfortunately Craigslist doesn’t allow automatic syndication to it anymore. But we’re working on an HTML code generator that can copy/paste presentations directly into Craigslist!

    5. Thomas Miller

      Wow this tool can even make a beginner look like a genius and get him flowing with tons of offers from people around the country. Thank you so much. This is a very much needed product

      • JacobC

        Hi Mr. Miller,

        Thanks! We’re very happy to be a part of your success. If you ever have any questions please let us know. We make this program for people like you.

    6. Jay

      Hi Daniil, my hesitation becoming a Premium Account holder is that I’m having trouble locating a good Rehab Contractors, can you help me with this I’m located in Pemberton Burlington County New Jersey area.I have been looking at properties with a agent but contractors are hard to come by do you know of any this will be a big help as well as hard money lenders and whole sellers. Thank You for your time await a response.

      Private Investor

      • JacobC

        Hi Jay,

        Daniil is really only doing deals here in the Richmond, VA area for the time being so that would be the only contacts he has at the moment. Feel free to post your question in our Rehab Valuator Facebook group though. Some of our members might have some suggestions for you.

    7. Terry Peters

      Are you the real estate investor company that pays $10,000 per deal we bring you, that you accept, follow-through and close?

      • JacobC

        Hi Terr,

        No that definitely isn’t us. Thanks for checking out our website though 🙂

    8. I’m looking to get a “premium” membership. Is there learning videos to learn how to use this software?? How many buyers do you have on this system ?? And are these properties on the MLS or are these non MLS ??

      • JacobC

        Hi Mr. Turney,

        1) We have a lot of training and videos that teach you how to use our program.
        2) We don’t publish usage numbers but we have tens of thousands of registered users.
        3) All properties listed are user submitted. We’re encouraging off-market deals but we do not verify that.

    9. Can’t wait to get started!

    10. Mark Amos


      Just want to say Thank You for this wonderful software and all the new updates you’ve provided! this is Great and I know this will enhance my real estate business as I continue to grow and develop my business! I definitely spread the news about this wonderful software to other investor friends! Thanks again!

    11. Lloyd

      Love the new additions its very helpful, I’m looking to were I can get the finance to buy these houses to flip

      • JacobC

        Hi Lloyd,

        If you’re a premium member try the “Get Funded” button inside of your deal. See if you get any hits.

    12. Truett Neathery

      Jacob: I have a lead for a method of posting on social media for Mr. Elieser Laguerre
      Would you pls. pass my data on to him? (I’m not selling anything, just want to contribute)

      • JacobC

        Hi Truett,

        I’m not sure what you’re referring to. Can you email me the details at support@rehabvaluator.com please?


    13. Calvin Jackson

      Dan this was wonderful and I’ll will look into some more

    14. i just hope you never stop hitting “home runs”

      • Daniil

        That’s the idea! 🙂

    15. Marshall Strickland

      Hi Daniil- you finally added a deal finder function to the platform! Nice work! I want to buy a rental in Richmond. I will keep an eye on the RV database. Thanks!

    16. Daniil–I like to buy and compare using cost/sq ft. Is there a way to include that kind of check-off box?–I buy and then /Rent to own–Phillip

      • Daniil

        Not currently, but not a bad idea!

    17. Mr. Daniil Kleyman you have done it again. I really appreciate your passion to help other investors/wholesalers like myself to pursue our dreams and destiny. You are part of changing my entire life. This Platform is powerful. Great job. This is by far better then other system I`v seen. Thanks again.

      • StefanieK

        Thank you Curtis!

    18. Nader Boctor

      That was very helpful, I just finishing my first rehab property, and I will definitely try this option in RV

      • JacobC

        Hi Nader,

        Glad that you’re finding the info helpful! Let us know if you have questions.


    19. Its perfect for a real estate agent and wholesalers

      • Dylan Hampson

        You are correct!!

    20. This tutorial on how to prepare an acceptable offer to your prospective buyers is so helpful but I need to know the step by step tutorial also to know how to download photos from other sites to my computer to use for my presentation?

      • Ray Bahng

        Great news Epefania, we have a resource for that! Please check out https://rehabvaluator.com/tutorials-web/knowledgebase/pics/ and it will show you how to add photos to your presentation. For example, for saving any photo from your browser to your computer, most times you can simply right click on an image and save them from most listing sites such as Redfin, Trulia, Zillow, etc.

    21. Terron E Whitehead

      The video is not working

      • Hey Tee! I tried to give you a call but was unable to reach you or leave a voicemail. I have made sure to verify the video is working from our end. Your browser may have plug-ins blocked or may need an upgrade. Please reach out to us at support@rehabvaluator.com if we can help you further. We don’t want you to miss out on the content we provide!

    22. Chantel Wallace Bey

      Can people be randomly selected to shadow a deal so we know what we’re doing exactly

      • Hi Chantel! Our Rehab Valuator software comes with access to an excellent support team that is happy to help answer your questions regarding the software and how to input your deals. We also offer tons of free education on real estate topics as well as video tutorials on how to use the software. Please feel free to reach out to our software support team at support@rehabvaluator.com to let us know how to help!

    23. Ruben

      Great info

    24. Joe Kelly


    25. Dan Hirshout

      Hey Daniil,

      Thanks for the portal, I’ll post deals, I develop in Phila., and have access to many lots, I’ll deliver them shovel ready- deals are coming back with high rate environment we’re in.

      Great system esp for const to perm. with all the variables.


      • Hi Dan! It’s great to hear you’ve been checking out the portal. The more deals posted, the more opportunities for everyone so we hope to see you in there 🙂