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    Watch this tutorial to learn about calculating the max offer for your wholesale real estate properties using Rehab Valuator’s free house flipping software.

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    1. Website abv is a Unitedfirstfinancial MMA or mortgage accelerator program.

      Thanks for the free download and I am sure I will want the paid version shortly.

      Just starting to Wholesale and also using two great programs besides the MLS:
      TheRedX.com to search expireds and fsbos and Phil Grove’s Mortgage Assignment program for
      Fort Worth and Arlington and Parker Counties as well as Austin, Tx.

      Thanks again for the free download for now.

    2. JoLynn

      Hum, very interesting, Let’s see if you can teach this ole dog these tricks πŸ™‚

    3. Better Living

      Nice work Daniil. I can hardly wait to get to work on figuring real deals! I’ll be watching/listening to these tutorials several times to sure I get it. That’s the only way this OLD dog will learn these great new tricks! (:

    4. Tim

      Good job on this tool daniil

    5. Raul

      So far I’m really,really enjoying what this software does. It puts everything and formats it so you can present your deals to people at a level that’s beyond the norm here locally or anywhere. I think the people I will be dealing now and in the future are going to be really impressed with all the data that’s clear and concise and to the point. I love it.!!! I bought the premium version and it’s the only way to go if you are going to be serious about this.

      • Daniil

        Raul – thanks for the endorsement! I think you’ve nailed it – we tried to create a tool that lets you easily put together marketing materials that others around you simply can’t or don’t know how to. And that’s how you get deals closed – by doing what your competition isn’t willing or just can’t do. Reach out if you ever need anything!

    6. Just starting & will use any valuable advice and help.Software is great ,great tool for me,Thank You.

    7. Great information.

    8. Eddie

      just getting started and I know Im going to Love this

    9. Wilbert Dorn

      Your program erases pain of remembering the numbers, analysis , estimated cost in repairs, for holding and financing. But even with those numbers there is the well organized hands on reconizable data that transends what an investor what to properly communicate to his buyers, lenders and sellers. You have the real deal for new investors, in experienced as my self. The you.

    10. Well put together software and a very good presentation to enhance on our realestate business. I don’t have the $97 dollars at this moment but as soon as I have it am going to upgrade to the Premium level. I am very serious in my business and this will be a great asset for me as a newbie to the industry.

      Thanks to You Guys.

    11. Francisco Valdez

      Great Teaching

      today 07-31-2013 I started to create a sample deal that it will help me on the future real deals, my goal is to mastered the software on the different scenarios

      I recomended my self to have on my hands a notes book to write down anything related that will come to my mind during the first tutorial video in order to expedite my learning and to keep my mind integrated and ready


      Francisco Valdez
      Investment Researchers

    12. Lilya

      Thank you Daniil for making Investor’s business much easier. It is really tremendous support & generosity from you. Thank you.

    13. Daniil, Looks great, I just ordered the premium version. Now, I just need to figure out how to use it! I’ve been investing for almost five years and this will help me put together my presentation to my private lenders. This looks like a great program at a great price – and thanks for the bonuses! I may come back and leave another comment after I figure out how to use it!

      I’m wholesaling, flipping and buy & hold. I have 11 houses now and another two under contract.
      If you’re in the Houston area or have a deal in the area, my email is landon@a-aprop.com. My # is 281-852-7777.


    14. This rocks! I think there might be a bit of “pencil ‘rithmetic” left to figure the additional costs but the ability of this to provide a polished presntation is a major plus for us.

    15. Excellent! What a great teacher! Laurie/Alexandra

    16. alsee mccray

      i just ordered the premium version this morning so far im very impressed with waht i see and the capabalities of this program, it seems fairly easy to work and understand, once i master this the lenders are going to think im a pro and i have not done one deal yet.

    17. alsee

      This is a great software, I believe you people genuinely want to see people succeed, I haven’t done any deals yet Ive been searching around on the internet different places trying to learn all I can about real estate investment. I’m am so Glad I bumped into your Company. You have boost My confidence tenfold.

    18. Paul scott

      Great app look forward to seeing the full version of this product

    19. Godfrey

      I am getting into the wholesaling and Flipping of property. I did a couple in the past and came across your program. I am pretty sure I will be upgrading shortly…Thanks

    20. liked the program now i need to down load

    21. I ‘m getting the hang of it! What great information. I am now attempting to plug in digits and get an analysis . Thanks You!

    22. Ron

      Hi Daniil,
      I have just begun my training with the tutorials and I am looking forward to mastering the program and quickly moving on to the premium version. Thanks for the follow up email to show that you are vested in my success. I look forward to doing great things with this program.

      Best regards,
      Ron Smith

    23. Jonas Mouber

      I am just starting in RE investing and was flopping around going crazy trying to figure out how to set up a spread sheet, figure out the formulas, get everything to make sense

      • Daniil

        Hi Jonas. Hopefully our stuff was helpful then πŸ™‚

    24. Cindy Anderson

      Closing costs in my market are usually 7%. So I am curious how you figured 2-4% in this cell!

      When I use 7% closing costs, most of my property cap rates end up under 10%.

      I would like to buy, fix and sell/flip. However, average # days on market here is 180 days, so I am figuring 2-3 months of rehab (mechanicals are out-dated) and another 3 months to sell. So, when calculating Holding costs, do I multiply anticipated rental income by 6 months? Or monthly costs @ 50% rental income x 6 months?

      • Jacob

        Hi Cindy. Closing costs can vary greatly depending on the deal. Are realtors involved? Are you paying cash? Are you dealing directly with the seller? All of these will affect the closing costs and they do vary by market and by deal. When calculating holding costs you’re just trying to get close to the real # for the period you’re holding the property. Insurance & utilities are going to be the main two holding costs. Just come up with a monthly estimate and multiply it out for the time you think you’ll hold the property. Also, please keep in mind that the bottom section “Rental Rate of Return” is only if you plan on using the property as a rental. Otherwise you can ignore that if you’re just flipping. If you do plan on using the property as a rental you’ll want to enter in the expected rental income & expenses for each month (After the Rehab is complete) to get an accurate cap rate.

    25. CARLA



    26. This is a lot to take in, but great stuff!!! I look forward to sending out proposals to my clients on my wholesale deals.

      • Daniil

        Hi Ron,

        Glad you’re enjoying the videos and the program! We’re very proud of what we’ve created and it makes us happy to see people like you using it. If you have any questions or issues please don’t hesitate to reach out to us. You can always email us at support@rehabvaluator.com.

    27. I will have to go over this tutorial again for more clarity, but it is easy. Good for me I can come back later and review this tutorial as many times as I need to.

    28. Your software is awesome and is getting me totally organized, it’s as though i’Ve been walking around with untied tennis shoes, when I needed boots. My market is very lucrative here in San Antonio, is it safe to use projections given by the Tax Records Office or is there other considerations to use.

      Gerald Rodriguez

      • Jacob

        Hi Gerald,

        When estimating the value of a home there are many things to consider. The value for the tax assessment is just one thing to consider and isn’t always an accurate representation. I would say the most important thing to consider when estimating real estate values are the comps in the area. What have similar homes sold for recently? What was their cost per sq ft? How does that compare to the property you’re considering?

    29. Bob

      Good tutorial Well explained easy to understand!

    30. John

      Not able to use with Open Office!

      • Jacob

        Hi John,

        That is correct. The programs require Microsoft Excel 2002 or newer for PC OR Microsoft Excel 2011 or newer for Mac. If you need to purchase Excel and want some suggestions please email us at support@rehabvaluator.com. Sometimes we find some places with great deals!

    31. Bob

      The tutorials are great and and matching them to the case studies is giving me hands on training which I need for me to understand. Just getting started in this venture so there is a lot to comprehend Thanks for making it easy to understand!

    32. Jim Guthrie

      Love the program! Not only takes a lot of work out of the effort for me but just as importantly I can put a nice, neat, and good looking proposal together. Sets me apart from those that just wing it or explain on paper with pencil. Provides a professional look and creditability for me. I am just getting into the program and sure will be delightfully surprised with all that I CAN DO!.

    33. Jim Guthrie

      The entire program is giving me education I could not have gotten or organized in such a concise and professional manner. I really like it but in the learning curve. This is invaluable software program. Thank you

    34. Henrique Nyankale

      Good presentation.
      How do I get the ARV figure? How do I calculate the After Repair Value?

      • Jacob

        Hi Henrique,

        It’s a combination of evaluating the finishes in the home (Granite vs. Formica. Hard wood vs. Carpet. etc.) and then using the price per square foot of homes in the area that have recently sold (comparables). You can also look at the tax evaluation and the previous price points for the property. All of that goes into coming up with a good price. Generally speaking if you’re within the range of price per sq. ft. as other recent sales you’re on the right track.

    35. G. Bowman

      Amazingly informative! Thank you!

    36. thanks thats makes a sense

    37. PRINTING IS TOO SMALL, hardly can read it let alone follow the instructions. you have a big whole page why so small on giving the details.

      • Jacob

        Hi Richard,

        ​When you hover over the video with your mouse, in the bottom right corner is a button (it looks like a computer screen) you can click to make the video full screen. That should fix your issue I think.

    38. Lois Patti

      easy to follow

    39. Frank arteaga

      Just purchased your program yesterday and I am impressed with the simple explanations of its use on your tutorials

    40. Fredrick Austin

      This is a very good program!, thank you for the access to this program. I can’t wait to present a deal using this tool.

    41. their is no video

      • Jacob Coots

        Hi Mr. Paige,

        That video is definitely working however it will not work on all mobile devices. Try and watch it on a regular computer using a browser with Flash installed. This would typically be Internet Explorer, Firefox, or Google Chrome. If you continue to have trouble email us at support@rehabvaluator.com

    42. Martin

      This is very good content giving for good details of the calculations.


    43. Kris Parkes

      There is so much content and detail. Many thanks!

    44. Reginald Smith Jr

      Simply great! Thank you!

    45. Sandee

      Pretty impressive!

      • StefanieK

        Thanks Sandee