Massively Enhanced Comparable Sales Data Feed!

  • New Super-Easy Filtering to Get to Just the Right Comps!

  • Much More Data Sourced for You in Our Database!

  • Dynamic Mapping as You Filter and Select or De-Select Comps!

  • Cleaner, Easier to Navigate Interface!


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14 responses to “Big Enhancement to Comparable Sales Feed!”

  1. Edgard R Oakley Sr says:

    I’m making monthly Pmts. and I cannot sign in to PREMIUM

  2. Lee says:

    Great. Daniil does it again.

    One more comment, I love the virutal drive ypur neighborhood feature!! i
    The idea is, why not allow premium users to automatically send a post card or mailer for a property right as we are virtually driving the neighborhood??

    • Matt Lewis says:

      Hi Lee, thanks for the comment. That’s not quite what Rehab Valuator is designed for, but it is a neat idea.

  3. charles says:

    Has it got better for Texas users?

    • Matt Lewis says:

      Hi Charles, with Texas being a non-disclosure state, meaning that property transfers are not available necessarily as public record, it can be tough to get comps. We are constantly trying to improve on this. Long-term, we hope to add MLS capability which will be a great enhancement everywhere, especially in places like Texas. I’ll reach out to you directly to try to test a couple of addresses.

  4. John Graham says:

    Does the rehab valuator give you the dollar amount to offer the seller based off what other comparable rehabs sold in the area?
    If not how do you calculate and know what price range to offer for the best ROI?

  5. John Graham says:

    Does the rehab valuator distinguish comparable rehabs in the area or does it just shows area comps?

  6. John Graham says:

    Does the Rehab valuator give data from the states of IN & KY?

    • Catherine says:

      Yes, Rehab Valuator Premium software does include comp data for IN & KY.

      Certain counties, such as pockets within NY for example, record data in a format that indicates floor count and square feet vs bedroom and bathroom count.

      For these specific areas, Rehab Valuator has taken this into consideration and designed our software with comp. square feet filtering features.

      Crafting our software to be versatile in this aspect uniquely empowers our valued software users to comp in both counties that record based on square feet/floor and counties that record based on bedroom/bathroom.

  7. James Lunstrum says:

    in the video , you said “lets say you want to get rid of properties that are less than half a mile away”. You meant to say ” more than half a mile away.”

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