Massively Enhanced Comparable Sales Data Feed!

  • New Super-Easy Filtering to Get to Just the Right Comps!

  • Much More Data Sourced for You in Our Database!

  • Dynamic Mapping as You Filter and Select or De-Select Comps!

  • Cleaner, Easier to Navigate Interface!


Other Updates:

See the Full New Release Demo Webinar:

New Lender Rehab & Construction Draw Requests:

New Instant Owner & Property Data:

New Project Scheduler:

6 responses to “Big Enhancement to Comparable Sales Feed!”

  1. Edgard R Oakley Sr says:

    I’m making monthly Pmts. and I cannot sign in to PREMIUM

  2. Lee says:

    Great. Daniil does it again.

    One more comment, I love the virutal drive ypur neighborhood feature!! i
    The idea is, why not allow premium users to automatically send a post card or mailer for a property right as we are virtually driving the neighborhood??

    • Matt Lewis says:

      Hi Lee, thanks for the comment. That’s not quite what Rehab Valuator is designed for, but it is a neat idea.

  3. charles says:

    Has it got better for Texas users?

    • Matt Lewis says:

      Hi Charles, with Texas being a non-disclosure state, meaning that property transfers are not available necessarily as public record, it can be tough to get comps. We are constantly trying to improve on this. Long-term, we hope to add MLS capability which will be a great enhancement everywhere, especially in places like Texas. I’ll reach out to you directly to try to test a couple of addresses.

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