Frank Cava has built a huge investing business in Richmond, VA. Every year he does 200+ deals including wholesaling, fix and flips and rentals. This interview includes great real estate investment advice and is an uber-insightful look into Frank's business, how he got started, his current business model and his take on what the future of real estate investing holds. If you want to learn investment property tips about wholesaling, house flipping, building a rental portfolio, or raising private money, this is a MUST SEE!


Summary of Call:
• 3:23 The importance of using your “unique skills” and how to leverage that to grow a successful business
• 6:35 How to hire the right people effectively, empower them to do their jobs and inspire/motivate them to stay
• 17:34 How Frank decides which deals to keep, which to wholesale and which to fix and flip
• 19:13 Who makes the real money in real estate: “traders” or “owners”
• 24:53 Deal sourcing and how to do it correctlyl
• 31:34 The importance of the right marketing message to fill your deal pipeline
• 36:02 Targeting owners of big portfolios of properties (landlords) for massive deal flow
• 40:19 Frank’s formula for deciding whether to wholesale or rehab a specific deal
• 43:00 How Frank got started and financed his deals in the beginning and how he gets private money now
• 47:29 How to get private money if you’re new
• 52:46 How Frank uses the BRRRR strategy
• 56:16 How to survive the next recession

How to Get In Touch with Frank:


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16 responses to “Frank Cava: High Volume Wholesalings, Fix-n-Flips and Rentals!”

  1. Mikey Catalano says:

    I really enjoyed this interview Daniil. Frank Cava sounds like he was from up north at one point in his life. LoL.

    It was great to hear his start but even more so his daily vigor about this business. He loves what he does for sure.

    Thanks Daniil.

    • Daniil Kleyman says:

      Glad you enjoyed the interview, Mikey. Frank is definitely a wealth of knowledge. Doesn’t bullshit around either

  2. Colin Clemitson says:

    Great podcast Daniil, Frank is a pleasure to learn from, and his advice is both from experience as well as the heart….many thanks to you both. I most certainly leanred a LOT

  3. Great video as always Daniil! Nice perspective on two successful investors in the same market. Thanks to Frank for his candidness, of how he has structured his business, and his willingness to share with others.

  4. Hi Daniel! Great video ! It’s always a great pleasure and inspiration to hear guys like Frank bare it all. I love Frank for his candid down to earth explations of his Strategies and commitment to implementing his goals. I picked up the need to look inwards and find your own talents and just build on them irrespective of the market and your circumstances. I am a late retired starter, and really appreciate both of you! Congratulations to both of you- you are an inspiration!

    • Daniil Kleyman says:

      Thanks, Charles! I think the tips on hiring great people in this interview are alone worth the time investment. Great info for sure

  5. Ken Wade says:

    Great interview Daniil & Frank!

  6. Stanley Polk says:

    DK, interview with Frank was very knowledgeable! Tons of good stuff!

  7. Sheila Mitchell says:

    Awesome interview!

  8. Dylan Hampson says:

    Hi James,

    No problem! Please let us know if you need anything!

  9. john cisneros says:

    The interview was very, very interesting. I learned a lot, thanks

  10. I was the one spending all my cash when i closed a wholesale deal. I’ve wholesaled for 9 years and I have nothing to show for it. I’m still struggling trying to do my dream of flipping homes. It seems like no Investor wants to partner with me, they only want me to wholesale them to them.

    • Rafael Diaz says:

      Hi Ditanium,

      Thank you for commenting on our post.

      If you’re looking for joint ventures and private money partners you should look into the
      Art of Private money program-

      It’s a fantastic program created to help you build the skills to find jv and private money partners.

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