Daniil Kleyman, creator of Rehab Valuator, talks about his investing journey, how he got into real estate, how he first came up with the house flipping software, and most importantly the importance of building your "FU Wall" using real estate!

Summary of the Call:

1. America provides great opportunity for all to buy assets that create cash flow and long term equity growth.

2. Wall Street was a great experience but working on bonds was just shifting money around. Real estate can make generational impacts in the community, families and the world.

3. Daniil Kleyman’s first deal started to develop back in 2006 while living in NYC. The very first deals were duplex’s in the fan area of Richmond. Those initial purchases were made at a retail level but they got him into the game.

4. Rehabbing rentals now include the goal of zero maintenance expenses for the first 5 years of ownership.

5. Rehab Valuator began as a spreadsheet he was using for his own deals. His friends encouraged him to turn it into a software package and he created a “free version” of his house flipping software.

6. What is a FU Wall and why does it matter when it comes to building wealth with rental properties? Can anyone build a rental portfolio and become financially untouchable so you can control your own destiny and carve out the path for your life that you want.

7. The importance of taking fast, massive action. Implementation is critical. Real estate is not complicated, but it is not always easy. Learn by doing it!

8. The right skill sets, mindset and relationships pave the way to success in building wealth with rental properties.

9. Get your first house, learn valuations, rehabbing and get started investing in real estate now.

10. The majority of Americans are one crisis away from being totally broke, but there are options available to prevent this from happening by learning to invest in real estate assets that produce consistent rental income streams.


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3 responses to “Daniil Kleyman on Building Your Financially Unstoppable Wall with Rental Properties”

  1. I was very impressed and proud to listen to you on your beginning and telling how you were a slave to an employer. As I watched I kinda figured that your New York beginnings was where you met your financial investors that realized that you could make them more if they stayed with you through your development, including Rehabvaluator.

    • Daniil Kleyman says:

      Thanks, Raoul. I definitely learned a lot during my time in New York that helped me in my 2nd life as a real estate investor. Even though I didn’t necessarily enjoy the job, the experience was invaluable

  2. Joseph Westra says:

    I just got the free version and trying to figure out everything and want to wholesale – hardly no education, so, where is a good start? Thank you so much for all videos and software. I have big family and make about $37 K a year with 2 JOBS, IWantToDoThis!

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