Alan Schnur survived 9/11 by sheer chance. At that time he decided to change his life and started buying up real estate properties in Houston. In just a few short years he acquired 300 hours, over 2000 apartments and a staff of dozens to manage it all. Then, at the peak of market, he sold almost everything and is now buying up shopping centers all over the country. Hear his amazing story here and learn some great commercial real estate investing tips!

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6 responses to “Alan Schnur: From Owning 300 Houses and 2000 Apartments to now Buying Shopping Centers!”

  1. Ray says:

    Thanks for sharing, very interesting to hear other view points, mind set what, how, etc.
    Refreshing new look and review. with new anchor lessee. well worth the time.

  2. Blanca Beer says:

    Alan, i am so….. proud of you, i always liked you. You were a very hard worker since your teens.Do you remember when i bought from you a hand painted white shirt at the Nyack street fair, i knew then that you are going to make it big someday.The interview was very informative, and my hat is off to you.Keep up the good work. How is your dad, and your sisters?. Fondly Blanca, Michelle Benis mom

  3. David Muse says:

    Great Job Daniil and Alan. A great behind the curtains look at a real success story…
    Daniil your story is just as inspirational.

  4. Tomas says:

    Great Interview Daniil and Alan, thank you for sharing your story very inspirational and informative. I had rentals in 2006 with high equity and I should it had sold them, but who new the market will fall a apart. I lost big money in 2008. I try to get in with multifamily in 2011 but it was very difficult to get a bank loan. I should had not give up is very frustrating when you work so hard trying to get this business going to get ready of my job but I did not make it happen. I keep trying but when time is running out is more frustrating.

  5. Carolyn says:

    This was a great conversation but the conversation and language was WAY over my pay grade but I got an insight into what lies ahead.

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